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    When Was the Last Time Moved Someone to the Dorm?

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    Two students with two very compelling stories.
    One of the greatest advantages of working with rising high school seniors is that you get the opportunity to help these young men and women find their stories. And while the first meetings ca be a little awkward as you get to know writing clients, it is almost always the case that these students want to talk about their hopes, their plans, and their future. What starts as a brainstorming session for a college admissions essay can quickly turn into a self discovery process that allows students to articulate their current situation, their past, and their plans for the future.
    One student may end up writing about an eight hour solo road trip to visit his father who lives in another state; another students explores the impact of a single letter with a photo she receives in the mail. Both stories are compelling and can be used as a lens in understanding ideas that they likely had not even admitted to themselves.
    Once the essays have

    Can Installing a Modular In-Plant Office Save You Money? Yes – Four Reasons Why

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    The cost of construction or expansion of a facility with multiple enclosed environments can be intimidating. Manufacturers in particular typically need separate spaces for many of their operations: an inplant office, clean rooms, or warehouse partitions for painting areas. Modular offices and warehouse partitions, built and installed with prefab/modular construction processes, can save a great deal of money and satisfy LEED and green building requirements.

    The most popular applications in 2011 for an inplant office and other modular construction were healthcare facilities (49%), dormitories and other college buildings, and manufacturing facilities (42%). It’s estimated that 90% of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects have used these components.

    Here are four reasons why this practice makes sense.

    1. Cost and energy savings. According to estimates by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, construction costs ca

    Don’t Leave Your Home Unprotected! The 4 Benefits Of Installing A Fire Alarm System

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    There are many benefits to installing fire alarm systems. While we certainly hope that they will never be needed, in the event that a fire does break out, they can be critical to saving lives. Whether you need protection for your home or business, here are the top 4 benefits that fire alarm systems can provide.

    The 4 Benefits Of Fire Alarm Systems

    • Warning. Fire protection services can provide audible warning if a fire should break out. This warning is critical because you may not always be aware that something has happened. If you’re in another room, or if you’re sleeping, a fire could burn undetected until it’s too late to safely get out or salvage anything. Every second counts during a fire, and if you have warning as soon as it starts you can take steps to help prevent additional damage or loss of life.
    • Placement. Fire alarms can be placed where you need them, and don’t have to be obstructive. All you h

    When Was the Last Time You Had to Purchase School Supplies?

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    School supplies.
    They never get old!
    At least shopping for them doesn’t!
    Although there are certainly some parents who are not always thrilled with the amount of money and time that needs to be invested in the back to school shopping process, it is important to realize that kids typically love the process. From the youngest elementary students who are so excited to get back to school to meet their teachers to college grad students who are looking for the perfect laboratory notebooks, there are many who enjoy the idea of getting organized for the new school year.
    And while it may seem that there would come a time in today’s digital age where paper and pencil supplies might go by the wayside, for many students this will never be the case. In fact, there are many college grad students who have by this time in their academic career found particular kinds of laboratory notebooks that they depend on. Having a way to c

    3 Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Medical Lab

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    Throughout the nation, medical laboratories perform many types of important work. Whether it’s performing tests or treating patients, it takes a lot of money to run a medical facility. Considering that, you might be wondering where your laboratory’s profits are going. To solve this problem, it’s important to learn about common sources of excess waste in medical laboratories. Learning how to fix these problems will help ensure you avoid wasteful spending. Here are three ways to reduce waste in your medical laboratory.

    • Keep Vaccines at Proper Temperatures

      Large scale production of vaccines first took place during the late 1940s. Since this time, medical facilities have continued to depend on vaccines to keep patients healthy. Research shows that vaccines prevent over 2.5 million avoidable deaths each year. However, it’s impossible to achieve this goal if your lab refrigerators aren’t at the proper temperature. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Pre

    Finding a Suitable Medical Freezer For Work

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    Over the past four centuries, a number of innovations have moved the field of medical science ahead by great leaps. In the 1600s, the invention of microscopes allowed scientists to observe micro organisms, leading to the discovery of cells. Meanwhile, germ theory and vaccines have done much in the endless battle against disease, aided by the development of sterilization techniques in the 1800s. In the past and present alike, vaccines have prevented millions of deaths, and protected entire communities from deadly viruses such as measles and smallpox. But these vaccines are also delicate, so hospital and research lab staff are always looking for pharmaceutical freezers, vaccine refrigerators, and laboratory freezers to store these specimens at just the right temperature. Some such vaccine freezers are large, but some undercounter medical refrigerators can be used for smaller labs with limited floor space. These undercounter medical refrigerators tend to be on the smaller side. What is th

    Boost Your Customer Service and Revenue Using Existing Customers

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    It looks like many beauty, cosmetics, and health businesses have ignored a potential growth market. Their existing customers. Here’s a sobering fact: according to sales experts, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 25 times more than that of keeping an existing one.

    As such, businesses can work with professional pay for a performance call center to engage and reactivate inactive customers. The cost is way cheaper, and the rewards far greater and enduring than trying to get new customers. If done with care, your customers become happy, loyal, and revenues go up. It’s time businesses knew about the hidden goldmine that is their existing customer base.

    To help you, here are a few tips on how to get more value from the customer who already trusts you.

    Be Prepared

    Today’s customers are cautious. They have questions that need answers. Almost immediately. When working with a professional pay for performance call center, such calls almost always leave a

    The Proper Way to Store Vaccines

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    A number of recent developments have strengthened the field of medicine, such as the invention of microscopes in the 1600s to allow scientists to examine tiny organisms. Germ theory also plays a major role in fighting infectious diseases, and the same is true of sterilization practices. Another major advance was the development of vaccines, and ever since their invention, vaccines have done a lot of work in preventing the spread of deadly viruses. Infections such as smallpox, tetanus, Polio, and measles have been made rare thanks to vaccines, and it is routine for children to get them. But these vaccines are delicate, and they need proper storage that controls their temperature. To this end, laboratory freezers, vaccine refrigerators, and pharmaceutical freezers are used to store them until needed. A benchtop freezer can be used to save space, while a large hospital may get a sizeable laboratory freezer. What is there to know about vaccines and their storage methods?


    Benefits of Stainless Steel and Sanitary Clamps

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    Some of the most common metals used in the construction industry include aluminum, carbon steel, copper, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in many other industries as well, making it important to determine the proper type of steel that fills all needs. With over 100 grades of stainless steel available, there are only five used most often. These include austenitic, ferritic, martensitic, duplex, and precipitation-hardening, all with the ability to serve builders, developers, and other companies all around the world.

    What are Sanitary Clamps?

    There are many different needs for stainless steel and its use in the clamp of hoses or the development of pipes. In many different machines, there is a need for parts to maintain sanitization so that all work is completed as is should be. Considering the fact that steel 316 is used in laboratory equipment, food processing equipment, pharmaceutical processing equipment, and chemical containers, it is important that sanitary

    The Power of Business Signs

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    All companies and brand names, no matter how large or modest, need an advertising campaign to reach out to customers, consumers, and business clients at all times. Today’s businesses can do this both online and with traditional media, such as business signs or outdoor signs. The Internet is far-reaching, and a good company website and social media accounts can do lot of work. But all the same, the Internet has not made paper mediums obsolete. Rather, most companies today take both routes, to get the most out of digital marketing and a sign over their door. Digital marketing firms will handle creating a good website or social media account, while a signage company will provide physical signs for a business client to make use of. What are today’s signs capable of in a busy world?

    How A Sign Can Do Its Work

    Can a physical sign made of wood or plastic really attract customers in today’s digital world? The answer