When Was the Last Time Moved Someone to the Dorm?

Two students with two very compelling stories.

One of the greatest advantages of working with rising high school seniors is that you get the opportunity to help these young men and women find their stories. And while the first meetings ca be a little awkward as you get to know writing clients, it is almost always the case that these students want to talk about their hopes, their plans, and their future. What starts as a brainstorming session for a college admissions essay can quickly turn into a self discovery process that allows students to articulate their current situation, their past, and their plans for the future.

One student may end up writing about an eight hour solo road trip to visit his father who lives in another state; another students explores the impact of a single letter with a photo she receives in the mail. Both stories are compelling and can be used as a lens in understanding ideas that they likely had not even admitted to themselves.

Once the essays have been written, the applications have been submitted, the acceptance letters have been received, of course, it is time for many families to make one of the most major transitions. The move to college, in fact, is not only a big deal for the high school graduates, it is also a major transition for the entire family.

What Do You Have Planned for the Week After Your Oldest Child Moves to College?

Some departures are sad, some departures are welcome, but in almost all cases when you have your first child move away to college you will likely have to be prepared for some major changes. The move itself, of course, can be complicated. Even with the best laid plans and printable circle labels, you will likely not be prepared for the frenzy that occurs when all of the new freshman show up at dorms across the country. In addition, the best organizational skills in the world may not help you be ready for the emptier house that you will return to.
And while many college counselors and advisers recommend not making any big changes in a home when a new freshman moves into the dorms, there are many parents who have quite a bit of nervous energy. Nervous energy that often translates into major reorganization, room rearranging, and, in some cases, redecorating. With small colored dot stickers in hand, mothers have been known to go through every closet, every dresser, and every space under the bed in an effort to reclaim a space that may have been off limits during the high school years.
Those small colored dot stickers and other kinds of colored printable label sheets, and adhesive label tape can make for some busy days when the house seems just a little too empty and quiet. Referring back to those small colored dot stickers at a later time can also help parents relocate any forgotten items that did not yet make it to campus.

Life is full of many changes, but it is important to know that moving a high school senior to college is a significant one. As a result, there are many mothers and fathers who are looking for a way to stay in control of their emotions, while at the same time staying in contact with their growing children. As a result, many parents of first time college students are also notorious for sending care package after care package. These gifts become a part of the total 65 billion parcels that are shipped worldwide every year. The fact that America’s factories made $5.3 trillion worth of goods in the year 2016 alone is an indicator of just how much stuff parents and their college freshmen have.

Staying Organized Is Important in Every Home and Dorm Room
Once the suit settles, of course, there are a number of reasons that it is important to stay organized. The new college students want to make sure that they are making the most of their current dorm space, and parents back home want to make sure that any changes that they make can be undone in case a student returns home. Ready or not, we all have transitions that we need to get organized for, small colored dot stickers and all!

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