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    When Was the Last Time Moved Someone to the Dorm?

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    Two students with two very compelling stories.
    One of the greatest advantages of working with rising high school seniors is that you get the opportunity to help these young men and women find their stories. And while the first meetings ca be a little awkward as you get to know writing clients, it is almost always the case that these students want to talk about their hopes, their plans, and their future. What starts as a brainstorming session for a college admissions essay can quickly turn into a self discovery process that allows students to articulate their current situation, their past, and their plans for the future.
    One student may end up writing about an eight hour solo road trip to visit his father who lives in another state; another students explores the impact of a single letter with a photo she receives in the mail. Both stories are compelling and can be used as a lens in understanding ideas that they likely had not even admitted to themselves.
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