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    Finding a Suitable Medical Freezer For Work

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    Over the past four centuries, a number of innovations have moved the field of medical science ahead by great leaps. In the 1600s, the invention of microscopes allowed scientists to observe micro organisms, leading to the discovery of cells. Meanwhile, germ theory and vaccines have done much in the endless battle against disease, aided by the development of sterilization techniques in the 1800s. In the past and present alike, vaccines have prevented millions of deaths, and protected entire communities from deadly viruses such as measles and smallpox. But these vaccines are also delicate, so hospital and research lab staff are always looking for pharmaceutical freezers, vaccine refrigerators, and laboratory freezers to store these specimens at just the right temperature. Some such vaccine freezers are large, but some undercounter medical refrigerators can be used for smaller labs with limited floor space. These undercounter medical refrigerators tend to be on the smaller side. What is th

    How To Properly Utilize A Freezer For Pharmaceuticals

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    Medical Grade Freezers

    Every medical facility has its own unique needs when it comes to choosing the right freezer unit. Labs may need to store biological samples that need to be kept at a specific temp to prevent decay or degradation; whereas a freezer for pharmaceuticals need to be set to ensure the integrity of medications; small clinics may have simpler needs, such as ice packs for minor injuries. Every facility is different, and therefore having the right freezer can make a huge difference.

    Medical and pharmaceutical freezers are tailored to prevent temperature fluctuations that can cause damage to samples, vaccines, and medication. The standard in-home unit is much less reliable, and therefore not appropriate to use in a medical setting. It is imperative that the right equipment is used to ensure optimal temperature is maintained, and nothi