Boost Your Customer Service and Revenue Using Existing Customers

It looks like many beauty, cosmetics, and health businesses have ignored a potential growth market. Their existing customers. Here’s a sobering fact: according to sales experts, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 25 times more than that of keeping an existing one.

As such, businesses can work with professional pay for a performance call center to engage and reactivate inactive customers. The cost is way cheaper, and the rewards far greater and enduring than trying to get new customers. If done with care, your customers become happy, loyal, and revenues go up. It’s time businesses knew about the hidden goldmine that is their existing customer base.

To help you, here are a few tips on how to get more value from the customer who already trusts you.

Be Prepared

Today’s customers are cautious. They have questions that need answers. Almost immediately. When working with a professional pay for performance call center, such calls almost always leave a customer satisfied and ready to buy. Money in the bank.

Unfortunately, most businesses today are not ready for such situations. They wing it. This makes inbound sales calls, which are almost a sure opportunity to connect, satisfy, and confirm a sale go unutilized.

Most businesses need to refocus their next sale efforts on their existing customers. And here is why:

  1. They are already a captive audience
  2. You don’t have to lure them or chase them down
  3. You know where they are, who they are, and what they want
  4. You can use available customer data to deliver offers they can’t resist

Sounds like a lot of work but it’s not. Smart businesses’ partner with a professional pay for performance call center. This ensures they have a profitable customer relationship journey. And like all other relationships, it requires time and sincere effort.

Show Some Appreciation

Brand managers usually complain about the lack of loyalty among today’s customers. Yet asking a few questions such as

  • How long have you used your favorite perfume or cologne?
  • How long have you attended the same fitness gym?
  • How long have you used the same vitamin supplements?

Will negate this assumption. Most people are still consistent and loyal to the brands they use. Given these findings, it is therefore not far-fetched to say that brand managers could easily be looking for trees and missing the forest. Businesses should try and contact their customers more often to avoid falling into this trap.

Make outbound sales calls to confirm whether your customers loved the product or service. Who knows, they may order for more. When you build an army of customers who love your brand, you’ll gain new ground and revenue through (the greatly-desired) word-of-mouth.

Your customers become your fans, your influencers, and your evangelists.

A satisfied fan base spreads word of your product or service in an honest, organic way by recommending you to their family, friends, and followers.

Listen and Focus on Consumer-Driven Innovation

You want to know what customers want, right? With an engaged customer base, you can ask, and they’ll tell you. For free. It’s like magic. Happy customers will give you advice, tell you what’s bugging them, and let you and everybody else knows what you’re doing right.

Customer experience must be wholesome and rewarding — both for the customer and the business. A professional pay for performance call center can help you succeed long-term. They provide you with call handling services that offer value to your customers. Giving you the chance to improve your product or service based on one-on-one customer feedback.

Think Long-term

A pay for performance call center will help you achieve this goal given that to a large extent; your success is their success. When you add up the value of a customer, it’s not about a single sale, but the total sales revenue over the life of your relationship.

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