When Was the Last Time You Had to Purchase School Supplies?

School supplies.

They never get old!
At least shopping for them doesn’t!
Although there are certainly some parents who are not always thrilled with the amount of money and time that needs to be invested in the back to school shopping process, it is important to realize that kids typically love the process. From the youngest elementary students who are so excited to get back to school to meet their teachers to college grad students who are looking for the perfect laboratory notebooks, there are many who enjoy the idea of getting organized for the new school year.

And while it may seem that there would come a time in today’s digital age where paper and pencil supplies might go by the wayside, for many students this will never be the case. In fact, there are many college grad students who have by this time in their academic career found particular kinds of laboratory notebooks that they depend on. Having a way to consolidate and organize all of the information that is gleaned from online videos and multi media slide shows, in fact, is no small task. With the right kind of laboratory notebooks, it is possible to gather all of the necessary information in one place.

Many Students of Many Ages Rely on Specific Kinds of Notebooks for Their Studies

When it is time to start a new academic year in an elementary school, many parents are given a list of exactly what kind of school supplies they should remember to bring. It is at this time when it is especially important to make sure that these tasks are completed ahead of that first day of school. In fact, many schools have back to school nights when it is the best time to bring all of the requested supplies.

As students age, however, personal preference often takes over and many students decide that they like very specific kinds of engineering lab notebooks, physics laboratory notebooks, or other subject specific supplies. In a time when there is such a great need for new employees in so many technical fields, it should come as no surprise that there will be a continuing need for notebooks and other kinds of archival materials. When med students find themselves going back to look at notes from many years in the past, they want to be able to look at resources that can help them recall certain experiments or lab activities.

Consider the rigor and demand of some of the most popular occupations as just one way to understand the need for school supplies and other organizational materials:

  • Currently, the U.S. holds an estimated 45% of the global pharmaceutical market, so it makes sense that we will continue to need scientists and researchers to maintain this important work force.
  • The latest research indicates that job growth for pharmacists is predicted to increase by 3% by the year 2024.
  • Genetic modification dates back almost 10,000 years to when farmers began saving seeds for selective crop breeding. Many of those seeds, in fact, are part of world wide seed banks that are carefully maintained and monitored.
  • It can take anywhere from 10 to 15 years to develop a medicine or vaccine and detailed notes and observations are important part of this process.
  • It typically takes eight years of college education to earn a Pharm.D. and become a pharmacist. This near decade of school work requires careful attention to many details from many courses, often archived in a series of very specific kinds of notebooks.
  • Outside of the pharmacology field, the job growth outlook in the biomedical field is estimated at 23%. This is just one indication of how many more years our nation will depend on the careful note taking of biology, physics, and other scientific students.

Whether you are the parent of an elementary student or you are buying your own school supplies for an accelerated 12 month nursing program, it is important to realize that school supplies will not only build excitement for the academic year to come, but also help you stay organized and prepared throughout the year. Digital information is convenient, but real learning takes place with note taking. Ready to go school supply shopping?

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