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    Can Installing a Modular In-Plant Office Save You Money? Yes – Four Reasons Why

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    The cost of construction or expansion of a facility with multiple enclosed environments can be intimidating. Manufacturers in particular typically need separate spaces for many of their operations: an inplant office, clean rooms, or warehouse partitions for painting areas. Modular offices and warehouse partitions, built and installed with prefab/modular construction processes, can save a great deal of money and satisfy LEED and green building requirements.

    The most popular applications in 2011 for an inplant office and other modular construction were healthcare facilities (49%), dormitories and other college buildings, and manufacturing facilities (42%). It’s estimated that 90% of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects have used these components.

    Here are four reasons why this practice makes sense.

    1. Cost and energy savings. According to estimates by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, construction costs ca

    Build a Warehouse Office to Make the Most of your Available Space

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    If you run or manage a business that creates physical products, having the right space to operate out of becomes an important necessity that can influence your workflow and the progress of your business. Managing the space available efficiently can allow you to get a lot of work done smoothly and this is where facilities which perform multiple duties and let you get multiple kinds of use out of them can come in really handy. A lot of businesses are moving towards modular office buildings for this very reason and if you find space to be a premium in your company, modular offices can really help you maximize the possible utility of that space. Having an in-plant modular office or a warehouse office allows you to double the utility of the space instantly and can even aid in a smoother, easier workflow all-around.

    Modular construction and installation have steadily become more and more popular for commercial applications over time and for good reason. More and more companies are optin