Why Your Church Needs a Marquee Sign

A church marquee is a budget-friendly solution for staying in touch with your community. A church marquee sign delivers the messaging flexibility that every church needs.

Outdoor electronic signs for churches convey relevant information like service times, event times, and much more. It is an easier way to keep parishioners informed.

Easy To Use, Easy To Read

Church marquee signs make it easy to keep every interested party informed about your church’s happenings. A high-quality, yet affordable, church marquee, can make staying connected simple. These full-color LED signs offer added value like usability, low maintenance, and high function.

A church marquee is a software-controlled LED sign that allows the user to customize their messages with a few simple keystrokes. The message can be changed as frequently as the user wants without any cost.

With a digital church marquee sign you can:

  • Share upcoming event information. A church marquee is a great way to share event times, costs, and other details.
  • Provide reminders. If there are any changes to how the church operates, a marquee is a great way to share that information and provide reminders.
  • Share inspirational messages. A marquee is a wonderful way to communicate inspiration to parishioners and other community members.

More than one-third of the people polled reported that they paid attention to outdoor LED signs that they passed. A church marquee can be a great way to get people’s attention, bring new people into the church, and deliver your message.

Don’t Worry It is Budget Friendly

You may be wondering how you can bring this to the church’s board, and ask for the money for digital signage. The fact is that investing in a church marquee sign can be very budget-friendly. It is pennies on the dollar to operate, has a life expectancy of at least 11 years without any maintenance, and is highly energy efficient (good for the environment). It is hard to dispute the value that one of these signs can bring to your church community.

You can reach more people with a marquee sign for your church, and after all, is that not what churches are meant to do? Reach out to more people than ever with an affordable, easy-to-use, digital LED church marquee sign.

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