Starting a Pet Walking Business

In this video, you will learn about pet services. Starting a dog walking and dog sitting business is no easy task. What does it actually take? How much does it cost? This video will go through the ins and outs of starting a business. First, register your business with the state.

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Depending on the type of business you choose such as an LLC, corporation, LLP, etc. This registration can range from $50-$300. Next, you will want to get pet sitting insurance. This protects you really from anything. If the dog bites a human, if they bite another dog, if you lock yourself out of the house, etc. This really protects your business. Two insurers are Pet Care Insurance and then Pet Sitter Associates. These are both insurers that service pet sitters or dog walkers. The type of coverage depends if you have employees or not and hw much your annual sales are. One item to get once you get started is a website. You want traffic onto your website. You can collect emails, testimonials, and show products and pictures. First, you will want to purchase a domain. Go-Daddy is a good place to start. Pay for website hosting.

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