Attention Grabbing Digital Marquee Signs

A digital marquee sign can keep you connected to your audience, no matter what that audience is. For example, a church marquee will keep parishioners connected to your church, marquee signs for schools help to keep community members connected to the school.

A digital marquee sign is easy to program, light on the budget, and a powerful tool for communication. Marquee signs for businesses, marquee signs for schools, and church marquee signs can be a great solution.

How Does a Digital Marquee Sign Work?

Back in the day, billboards, were the closest thing we had to a digital marquee sign. Billboards were created on wood or cardboard and were not dynamic. You had a single message option, and that was it. Today marquee signs are dynamic, they can convey a complete range of messages, quotes, inspiration, information, and more. Basically, anything information that you want to share can be done with a digital marquee sign.

Every modern digital marquee sign uses light-emitting diodes (LED lights. The intensity of the green, blue, red, and white lights is augmented to create a full spectrum of colors. This software-controlled signage is user-friendly and highly programable.

You can create any message that you want to display on these full-color LED signs. It can be a tremendous boost to your business, church group, school, medical practice, and more. About 71% of people surveyed responded that they do look at roadside billboards (digital and others).

Easy To Use, Effective, Affordable Digital LED Signage

The right digital marquee sign will be easy to use, affordable, and highly effective. The affordability of these signs is attributed to the low operating costs and low maintenance. LED lights can last for up to about 100,000 hours or about eleven years of regular use.

Across the lifetime of your LED marquee sign you can share a lot of information, connect with your community, and relay every message that you want for pennies on the dollar. This is the affordable long term way to keep your organization or business connected with your target audience.

These energy-efficient signs come with a tremendous ROI for businesses, civic groups, schools, churches, and more. Communicating with your target audience has never been easier. Take the next step today to learn more about digital marquee signs and how they can promote your group and keep you connected.

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