Whats a Typical Day for a Pest Control Tech Look Like?

The speaker in the video walks the viewers around the processes involved in his job as a pest control technician. The first thing he does when he starts his day is grab his map and route list.

The route lists tell the technician where he will be going to provide the necessary services.

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The map gives the technician additional guidance, and the individual can use it to plan the day and complete the work in the timeliest manner.

The next step is analyzing the job list to see how much money will be made for the company and how many stops there will be on the route.

The rest of the day consists of going from home to home and providing the service each customer needs. Many clients get a quarterly service, which involves spraying the home’s foundations and removing any spiderwebs or wasps nets that might be there. A quarterly service takes approximately 15 minutes and earns about $75. Non-maintenance services typically pay better than maintenance visits do.

Pest service technicians earn approximately 20% of the cost of the service. Therefore, a 15-minute quarterly service would earn a technician $15.

The job is excellent for those who prefer independent work, and the money is good, according to ex-workers.

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