What Are The Building Phases For Commercial Builders?

In construction, there is a definitive process in which a building is taken from the drawing board to eventual completion. Here are the steps of construction for commercial builders.

After the blueprints are made, the ground needs to be cleared in the area in which the building is going to be placed. Following that, the ground is laid out and staked.

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Once staking is finished, the site needs to be compacted once it reaches the desired excavation level.

Next, the foundation is built with rebar and column starter bars. This provides the base of the building, which is followed by the perimeter blocks. Once the perimeter is determined, the beams are reinforced, and concrete is added.

The final step before the building is finished is preparing the project for suspended slab reinforcement activity and the structural frame. Once those sections are filled in, the building’s construction phase is finished.

Commercial buildings are a huge undertaking, but these steps will help you stay on track to a job well done. Breaking down the process piece by piece helps better understand each phase in the commercial building construction process. Check out the video on this page for a more detailed, step-by-step process of the construction.


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