Should You Start a Server Hosting Business?

Owning a business is a dream for many people. You can be your own boss and when you succeed, you get to reap the rewards. One business worth considering starting is a hosting business. That said, setting up and running a hosting business requires a lot of skills and resources.

Managing a hosting business is much different from working as a web developer or software engineer. While some of the skills are transferable, many aren’t.

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You’ll want to closely consider your skills and any gaps in your knowledge before setting up a hosting business.

If you’re new to hosting and don’t have the hardware to set up the business on your own, you could use a Virtual Private Server or VPS, thus outsourcing server hosting. This server would be hosted by another company. Once the server is set up you could sell space on it to other parties, say local small businesses. As you find more clients, you’ll need more space on the server, so make sure you can easily scale the server up.

Building a small business is hard. Fortunately, when setting up a hosting business, it is possible to get your business started with a relatively small investment and to then grow from there.


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