Tips for Residential Cleaning

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If you are new to residential cleaning, then you may be wondering what to do and what to avoid. This video explains a few of the do’s and don’t’s of residential cleaning services.

The Do’s

First, make sure you keep on your marketing. You can get busy with work and forget it, but if you want the business to maintain then you need to market yourself.

Make sure to take on a good amount of applicants to grow your team, too. Networking is vital, too. It will help you market, get new applicants, and grow your business. Always have a goal when you go to a networking event.

The Don’t’s

One of the major don’t’s is don’t send a residential cleaner to a commercial job. There’s too much space and not enough experience on the cleaner’s side, and it’s unfair of you to put them in that position.

Don’t use residential pricing rates for commercial jobs either. You’re simply selling yourself short. Also, don’t discount any of your services.

Don’t customize the scope of your work for each client you have. Things need to be standardized for your team to consistently perform.

To learn more tips on residential cleaning services, take a look at the video in the link above.

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