What Should You Know About HOA Websites?

This YouTube video from Vinteum Software walks through the things homeowners should know about an HOA website.

What is an HOA?
HOA is short for a homeowners association. This organization comprises individuals that own property in neighborhoods or other planned communities.

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Their responsibility is to maintain public areas and establish regulations related to yards and home exteriors.

Those who live in communities with an HOA pay a fee to the organization. The cost and payment frequency depend on the location and offered services. At the minimum, the fees pay for snow removal and landscape operations. Additional costs are applied if the community has a park or a swimming pool.

Another responsibility of the HOA is to maintain the area’s look. This is done through rules set up between the community, the HOA board, and local government officials. Items they enforce may include the colors used to paint a home’s exterior and construction jobs like a shed or backyard patio. Should someone not follow the rules, the HOA can seek action against the homeowner.

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