Three Benefits Of Using LED Signs To Advertise Your Business

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The chances are likely that if you’ve ever been driving alone at night, you’ve seen a glowing neon sign at this point. These signs usually come in the form of LED signs, and are perhaps most recognizable when the sun goes down — though this doesn’t mean that they can’t be used during the daylight. LED business signs have been around for a considerable time, and don’t show any sign of going away soon. They’re remarkably effective, and a great way of boosting attention for the businesses that use them. Of course, businesses aren’t the only clients of the typical LED sign company. Churches and schools use LED signs as well. It might make sense for churches and schools to utilize LED signs; but businesses, on the other hand… Can’t they advertise online, or even in print? They can, and they should. But for many businesses, it’s more cost-effective to use an LED sign. For that matter, LED business signs have great results, especially when used in conjunction with other types of advertisement. After all, someone might read about your business online. But how are they going to find you without a sign pointing the way? Below, we’ll look into some of the main advantages of using LED business signs.

1. They’re Recognizable

You could count LED signs for businesses as a part of a branding strategy . This is especially important for new businesses that are just starting out. It’s one thing to have a business that people like and even visit; but you want them to come back. A part of making that happen is ensuring that your storefront is memorable. An LED sign can make that happen. People might not remember what your storefront looks like if they’ve been to dozens of others, but they will remember a glowing sign with your store’s name on it. For that matter, LED signs are more likely to trigger memories if a person is casually driving by your business. It only stands to reason that outdoor LED business signs are more recognizable than signs that aren’t bright or colorful. You want your sign to become integrated into the memories of potential customers — this takes them from being one-time buyers, to regulars. There’s also just something positive about an LED sign, due to its brightness. This will help you grow your brand in a way that is not only memorable, but truly inviting.

2. They Attract Random Business

When we say “random” business, we mean customers who weren’t specifically planning on visiting your business or company, but are just stopping by because they saw the sign, usually while driving. LED signs are famous for being able to attract this kind of foot traffic. An estimated 68% of poll respondents said that they sometimes made their shopping decisions while driving their cars, and 17% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers did so because of their signs. For that matter, an estimated 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if not for its sign. The fact is that even if walk-in customers don’t become regulars, that’s still business that you wouldn’t have otherwise had if not for your sign. A sign is relatively cost-effective investment in the long-term, and it generates the kind of revenue that can ultimately help sustain your business. Of course, this is not the only way in which signs help generate business.

3. They Attract Customers Day And Night

An LED sign is again, obviously flashier at night. But of course, they’re still effective during the day. Where people are more likely to see a business during the day anyway, however, it can be difficult to attract customers who are driving down the road late at night. An LED sign makes it easier for people to see your business in a safe way. It also expands the hours in which a person is able to catch sight of your business, and therefore makes it easier to make the most amount of money possible.

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