Three Industries Where Fall Protection is a Must


It is important to properly prepare a fall protection system before it is ever used with an actual person. OSHA fall protection guidelines recommend that 300 pounds should be the weight used when testing a fall arrest system. In this post, you will learn about industries where fall protection systems are a must. You will also learn more about which types of fall protection equipment is used in these industries.

  1. Billboard Advertisements: In most cases, fall protection systems for this industry will use a cable system. There will usually be two main types of lifelines used for billboard workers which are horizontal and vertical lifelines. These lifelines are designed to be minimally intrusive for the working location while being extremely safe for the worker. Research shows that, without fall equipment, someone can fall seven feet every two thirds of a second.
  2. Construction Industry: This industry is arguably one of the most popular industries for fall protection equipment. The fall protection system you might need will depend on the project itself. Portable anchor systems work well for keeping workers safe yet able to move to different construction areas. Harnesses are made to ensure that a worker is safely held in place, no matter where they are working. Slings keep workers safe in a wide variety of construction working conditions.
  3. Distribution Centers: Many large businesses have to have locations to store their massive amounts of inventory. These places, known as distribution centers, are often massive structures. It is common to think of potential need for a fall protection system in the construction industry. However, distribution center workers must have a fall protection system in place to safely perform their job. Research shows that workers who are six feet from the ground could risk death from a fall.

In closing, there are many industries protecting their workers with a fall protection system. Workers placing and removing billboards are often high above the ground. Vertical lifelines are popular with billboard companies to keep their workers safe. The construction industry is probably the most well known workplace involving fall protection systems. Distribution centers, while mostly indoors, still have workers accessing inventory high off of the ground.

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