The Perks of Working Remotely in a Home Office

The good news for job seekers and office employees in the United States today is that work options are now more flexible and diverse than ever. While it is still largely the norm for office workers to commute to an office building and work alongside their co-workers, many American employees are taking call center jobs, dispatcher positions, inbound sales rep positions, and more at home instead. It may sound strange at first, but working from home is a great option for many office workers, and for some job seekers, remote inbound sales jobs may be their only realistic option. Flexible careers for moms may take the form of remote inbound sales positions, or even call center careers where they don’t have to leave their children behind to go to an office. What are some of the primary perks of working remotely for these inbound sales call positions or freelance writer jobs over the Internet?

When Office Workers Relocate to A Home Office

As stated above, most American office workers will commute to an office and work side by side with their peers. There are many reasons to do this, such as being present so a manager or boss may note an employee’s exemplary work, not to mention have access to hardware like photocopiers. But working at an office also has its downsides, and even simple dirtiness may be a real issue.

Offices are not always a clean place to be. Many offices have dirty carpets that emit VOCs, or harmful airborne particles that may set off allergies or even impair cognitive function. Dirty HVAC systems may circulate around bacteria, VOcs, and allergens such as pollen, and surfaces such as computer keyboards or door knobs may have a lot of germs on them. Between frequent sick days and lowered cognitive function due to airborne particles, a worker may suffer badly in a dirty office space.

Another problem is the noise levels. An office worker may often speak to customers or business clients over the phone, but that employee is not alone; many other employees will be there too, and they may be having many loud phone conversations or in-person conversations. All that noise may distract and frazzle an employee, which will drive up his or her stress levels, increase the rate of work errors, and distract them from what they are doing. When the employee is conducting a phone conversation with a customer or business partner, all of that may result in poor phone service. It may be made worse if the two parties struggle to hear each other by phone, and that may frustrate and annoy customers. In fact, in most American companies today, phone service plays a major role in the sales funnel, and gaining loyal customers by phone is a substantial way to increase profits. But the reverse is also true: poor phone service due to ambient noise will anger and even drive away customers, both newcomers and loyal ones.

To avoid all this, an employee may set up a home office in their residence, complete with a computer, phone, and anything else required. This remote employee may enjoy a quiet environment for excellent phone service to others, and that employee can keep pace with work by sending and receiving files with email and Cloud data storage. Live video chat sessions may also be done with a webcam.

Flexible Careers for Job Seekers

Office workers relocate to home offices to avoid noise and germs, but some job seekers may look for remote inbound sales positions or at-home call center jobs because an office won’t work for them at all. Some job seekers already have a job or a college career, and thus they need a job with flexible hours to fit that schedule. Rarely, if ever, will a standard “nine to five” job at an office fit that need, but freelance writing jobs or remote call center positions might.

Other job seekers may be single parents who can’t leave their children alone during work, so at-home jobs allow them to have it both ways. And finally, some job seekers may look for remote work if they have little or no transportation, or if they suffer from serious social anxiety or a physical disability.

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