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    The Perks of Working Remotely in a Home Office

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Medical jobs where you can work from home, Work from home telemarketing

    The good news for job seekers and office employees in the United States today is that work options are now more flexible and diverse than ever. While it is still largely the norm for office workers to commute to an office building and work alongside their co-workers, many American employees are taking call center jobs, dispatcher positions, inbound sales rep positions, and more at home instead. It may sound strange at first, but working from home is a great option for many office workers, and for some job seekers, remote inbound sales jobs may be their only realistic option. Flexible careers for moms may take the form of remote inbound sales positions, or even call center careers where they don’t have to leave their children behind to go to an office. What are some of the primary perks of working remotely for these inbound sales call positio