Why Beverage Manufacturing Companies Should Buy Stainless Steel Filters

Sanitary strainers are important components in any manufacturing plant that is highly focused on the quality of its products. In manufacturing companies, especially in the beverage industries, sanitary fittings are used in the filtration process where they remove fine and large particles that could otherwise compromise the quality of the final product. Milk, alcohol, and soft drink manufacturing companies have to use sanitary check valves to remove sediments.

If you work in a small soft drink company and you are considering buying a filter for your manufacturing process, you should consider purchasing sanitary filters stainless steel. Sanitary pipe valves made using other materials are not bad since they offer the needed solution, but there are some unique benefits that you can get from sanitary filters stainless steel, some of which are discussed below.

Environmentally Sustainable

Environmental sustainability has become an issue of consideration every time you are buying something for industrial use. As a small business, you want to be on the right side of history as one of the few organizations that played a key role in restoring the environment. By buying steel filters, you are minimizing the need for plastic filters that have negative impacts on the surroundings. Additionally, worn-out steel strainers can be recycled and re-used again in manufacturing companies, thereby minimizing waste.

Different Sizes Available

When it comes to strainers, the needs vary from one company to the other. Some organizations deal with gas, which means that they would prefer a strainer with very small filtration sieves. Others, especially those in the milk industry, have to deal with animal fur and large particle contaminants. Sanitary filters stainless steel are available in different sizes, which means that you can easily get what you want. Besides, they can be customized to meet the needs of each company.

Easy to Repair and Maintain

Manufacturing equipment wears and tears with time, and have to be repaired in order to perform optimally. However, most of the critical components of manufacturing plants can only be replaced, which leads to downtime and increased operational costs. However, sanitary filters stainless steel doesn’t wear out with ease and can as well be repaired through polishing when they exhibit increased oxidation. Other forms of repair and maintenance can quickly be instituted, thereby eliminating downtime.


Rust is a major contaminant in many beverages and liquid manufacturing companies. Most of the sanitary iron filers are prone to rust because they have been exposed to a conducive environment of moisture and heat. Instead of filtering out solid particles, sanitary ferrule ends up adding brown particles on the product. However, stainless steel sanitary filters do not rust, which means that the brown-coloring will not be seen in the products.


It is the hope of any plant operator that manufacturing components will serve for an extended period to save replacement costs and increase return on investment. However, this is not common as most of the equipment in beverage companies wear within a short period due to corrosion. If you want a filter that can serve you for many years, get stainless steel sanitary tubing. Trends show that stainless steel pipes can exceed 100-year lifespan under typical conditions.

Withstanding Temperature and Pressure

Under normal conditions, a manufacturing plant is characterized by drastic changes in temperatures and pressure. These changes have negative impacts on most of the plant components, which can be used to explain the shortened lifespan of many manufacturing components. However, sanitary filters stainless steel is a compound that has a very high melting point, thereby shielding it from extreme changes in heat and pressure.

As you can see, several benefits come with using a stainless steel strainer. Therefore, when you are deciding to purchase a filter for your beverage business, always go for stainless steel products. They will not only serve you for many years, but they will save on repair and maintenance expenses and preserve the environment.

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