Staff Your Company with the Ideal Employees

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When you own a business, there are multiple things to think about when it comes to knowing how to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Among the most important factors is how you staff your company. Staffing your business, whether through temp services or a human resources program within your company, is vital for creating a good team and a positive work atmosphere.

Staff your company for optimal success

There are so many aspects of staffing your team that play into creating the right environment for your business to climb to the levels of success that you envision obtaining. You want to find people who will not only be able to bring the right set of skills as it applies to the job at hand, but people who work well with others, can stay focused and task oriented, and who bring ideal qualities for fostering positive interaction, teamwork, taking initiative, and leadership. You want to know who you are going to be working with. Different employers go about this vetting process in different ways. About 93% of recruiters take a look at a potential candidate’s social media profile to get some idea as to the character of the person they are trying to decide to hire.

Staff your company with those who will stay

A staggering $11 billion is lost every single year due to employee turnover. Yes, there are always opportunities for employment elsewhere or chances to move up or move on. But when you need a good solid team, you want to be able to rely on those who are going to stick around. Providing a good workspace, fostering a strong team spirit and healthy work environment, and rewarding strong work ethic are all good ways to encourage employees to stay with your business. In fact, about 86% of businesses that offer some sort of employee recognition program report that they see a noteable rise in the happiness of their workers.

Happy, healthy workers stick around. Good employers help to build the right environment for that to be possible.

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