Seven Ways Your Company Can Effectively Use Signage To Attract Customers

With constant changes in technology and the way people shop, businesses are looking to get the attention of customers and keep it anyway they can. In older and simpler times, things like banners in the sky and employees handing out fliers made with digital commercial printing–a practice used since 1993–were more than enough to make people are interested.

But things are different these days. Nowadays, companies try to gain the favor of customers through emails and social media posts and even pop-up ads.

There’s no doubt all of those are effective, but believe it or not, a commercial signage display also known as electronic signs for business can be just as effective, if not more so. Studies have found more people are likely to remember a message from a digital sign than something they saw on Facebook.

If you’re company is looking to up its game and use a commercial signage display to grab customers’ attention, there are many benefits to doing so. But if you’re going to use it, here are some tips for using a commercial signage display the right way:

  • Know your audience: Electronic signs for business and digital signage can obviously get the attention of everyday customers, but businesses need to know who they’re trying to attract. Not knowing the answer to that can lead to misleading messages or signage that doesn’t stand out.
  • What’s the goal: Along with figuring out who the intended audience is, companies also need to ask themselves what they’re trying to accomplish with signage. Are companies using it for sales promotions? Are they using signs to promote events? Whatever the goal is, hone in on that and make sure that commercial graphics and signage displays your company’s intended message.
  • Make sure people can read it: Commercial signage displays can look very impressive, especially those that are lit up with LED lights. But for all the visualization of these displays, companies need to make sure what message is on the sign is readable. Going overboard with fonts and colors and lighting and backgrounds can make the message hard to read, which means people are stopping to check out your business. Use simple messages with easily readable fonts and effective lighting to grab the attention of customers.
  • Follow the Rule of Eight: It’s estimated the average American consumer is exposed to something like 3,000 messages and promotional ads a day. That’s a lot to digest and most people have short attention spans anyway. Bottom line: companies have all of about eight seconds to catch a customer’s attention and find a way to keep it. It’s another reason why messages on electronic signs need to be simple and direct.
  • Go easy with movement: Surveys have shown that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business had it not been for its sign. So there’s no doubt signage, especially lit signage can be effective. With that being said, companies need to take care when it comes to using animation and movement on signage. It can look creative as heck, but it can also be distracting. If you’re going to use movement, make sure it’s slow movement and keep animations and graphics to a minimum.
  • Have fun: Some of the steps above mention keeping messages simple and direct, but that doesn’t mean companies can’t have some fun with signage. Colored LED lights can go a long away toward making people notice your business and help you stand out from your competition.
  • Get customers involved: These days, businesses can have a lot of success attracting customers by getting them involved. An easy way to do that is to have customers interact with a business, perhaps by promoting something on a company’s social media pages or texting them to get early access to store offers. Anything your company can do to keep customers engaged is a bonus.

Customers are constantly bombarded with information and messages. To get folks attention and keep it, use commercial signage solutions to your advantage. With a creative, but simple and direct message and some good lighting, you can stand out from your competitors and keep customers engaged to make them want to visit and learn about your business.

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