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    Seven Ways Your Company Can Effectively Use Signage To Attract Customers

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Custom packaging, Packaging solutions, Printed cardboard boxes

    With constant changes in technology and the way people shop, businesses are looking to get the attention of customers and keep it anyway they can. In older and simpler times, things like banners in the sky and employees handing out fliers made with digital commercial printing–a practice used since 1993–were more than enough to make people are interested.

    But things are different these days. Nowadays, companies try to gain the favor of customers through emails and social media posts and even pop-up ads.

    There’s no doubt all of those are effective, but believe it or not, a commercial signage display also known as electronic signs for business can be just as effective, if not more so. Studies have found more people are likely to remember a message from a digital sign than something they saw on Facebook.

    If you’re company is looking to up its game and use a commercial Continue Reading No Comments