Remote Work Is A Great Way To Create Side-Income Five Useful Tips For The New Independent Contractor

Technology remains the great equalizer. It changes the way society thinks about nearly everything.

Take a look at work from home sales, for example. Careers have never been more flexible than they are today. Whether you have a background in business writing or want to put your nursing degree to better use, remote work is a great choice to supplement your income. You can make side income as a part time insurance agent that answers important questions about healthcare. You can become an independent contractor that provides inbound sales knowledge.

With technology at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit. Let’s take a look at the top five most important steps in becoming an effective remote worker in today’s landscape.

Customer Service Is A Great Place To Start Looking For Work

If you need a place to start, look no further than the customer service sector. Businesses are keenly aware of the value a loyal customer brings…and the difficulties of unsatisfied customers. In fact, it’s been found up to 85% of customers will pay more for a better experience. This extends to the long-term, too, and reaches ROI figures as high as 140%. If you’ve got a bubbly personality and a little patience, online customer service jobs from home could be your new route.

Work That Suits Your Skillset Will Yield You The Most Benefits

You may be tempted to take on as many jobs as possible. It’s not easy when you’re low on funds! This will only stretch you thin, however, and keep you from truly developing a marketable skill. It’s recommended by today’s remote work professionals to choose jobs that suit your skills and availability. You can then increase your earnings with experience, strong performance, and scheduling more time.

Choose One Or Two Niches To Branch Out From

A successful work from home sales position relies on a proper skillset and a proper niche. What past experience do you have in the workforce? Are you familiar with home insurance or do you lean more toward marketing? These niches will be hugely instrumental in developing your career. They provide you a foundation to build off of and help you specialize, two key factors in creating a stable side job.

Review Freelance Taxes So You’re Not Left Stranded

Don’t become an independent contractor yet. You need to learn about freelance taxes and how they’re done compared to traditional W-2s. State taxes differ a little (such as food or housing tax), right alongside the type of business you are promoting. Those that owe more than $1,000 per month are required to file quarterly taxes, which takes some of the sting out of the process. You may want to consider becoming an LLC, particularly if you want to hire people in the future.

Try Part-Time Freelancing Before Jumping Into Full-Time

The best way to embrace a work from home sales position? Start out part-time before jumping into full-time. You have a lot to learn on your way to making consistent side-income, from building on your niche to figuring out freelance taxes. Call center jobs and independent contracting takes time to learn, but the freedom you’ll gain will be more than worth it. Flexible careers for moms, students, and new couples has never been easier to obtain.

Take free online courses. Sit down with a local tax representative. Your part time insurance agent job is just waiting to be taken advantage of.

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