Working From Home Is Becoming The New Normal Five Questions To Help You Choose A Remote Career

Working from home often sounds appealing to the tired full-time student and overworked stay-at-home mom. Choosing your own hours and being able to work when you please? It’s a match made in heaven.

All you have to do is make the plunge. Remote work is fast becoming a preferred method of work in the United States for many. It’s a reliable way to make side-income when your primary source isn’t giving enough. It can help you test out some skills and get the experience needed to sharpen them to a razor’s edge. Most of all, it provides you a way to finally start organizing your workweek’s limited hours.

You don’t need to struggle with inconsistent hours and burnout anymore. Make a little extra money every month with flexible work from home.

What’s The Most In-Demand Skillset?

The job market has never been more dynamic than it is today. Technology brings people together and provides several routes to take outside of traditional employment. In-demand skillsets include customer service, business writing, content marketing, dispatching, and interpreting. If you have a few years of customer service under your belt, consider looking into remote call center jobs. Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by a mere 5% can see profit increases ranging from 25% to even 95%.

How Do I Choose My Niche?

It’s not jacks-of-all-trades that make the most money, but specialists. While today’s job market seems like it wants workers who can do it all, sticking with a niche gives you the opportunity to develop valuable knowledge. Over 85% of customers will pay more for a better customer service experience. If you’ve worked in the medical field, for example, you can consider work from home medical jobs. Online nurses provide doctors a much needed break, answering basic health questions and discussing insurance with patients online.

How Do I Start Scheduling My Hours?

When you choose your work from home medical position, your next step is to figure out your hours. This can be a little tough if you’ve never freelanced before. The great thing about remote work, though, is the freedom it gives you. It’s been estimated 65% of Americans plan to work after retirement age, which includes remote work positions. If you’re a student who takes night classes, become an independent contractor who squeezes in a few hours of selling life insurance over the phone during the day.

What Should I Know About Freelance Taxes?

Before you become a part time insurance agent, look up freelance taxes and learn about their differences. This is easily one of the biggest barriers for new independent contractors today. Unlike the traditional W-2 provided by an employer, your tax form will either be the 1099 or the 1040. Freelancers that owe more than $1,000 in freelance taxes will have to file theirs quarterly. Just like regular taxes, though, you can pay yours online or send yours through the mail.

Which Jobs Should I Start Looking At First?

So much freedom at your fingertips can be daunting. The last thing you want to do is waste your time! Once you figure out your niche and schedule, the next step is to reach out. Work from home medical positions can be applied for on job sites or in-person at local healthcare facilities. Inbound sales careers can start by creating profiles on LinkedIn or Upwork, the two most frequented sites for freelance professionals.

Work from home medical positions don’t have to be a distant dream. Choose your niche, set up a profile, and get yourself that side-income you need to thrive.

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