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    Standing Out Amongst the Noise of the Internet

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    Website analysis

    The world today is very different than the world in which our parents and grandparents grew up, and even quite different from how we grew up as well. Technology continues to advance at astonishing rates, creating new realms of understanding, connection, and imagination. There is a world of knowledge right at our fingertips, more easily accessible than ever. But if you have a business with an online presence, as most businesses do these days, in response to the preference and demand of the consumers, it can often be a struggle to be seen through the endless pages and pieces of information that make up the Internet.

    Finding a strong net presence for your company

    The first t

    Four Secrets for Reducing Your Heavy Equipment Maintenance Budget

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    Heavy equipment components long island

    Commercial engine cylinders. You can’t live with them and you can’t take them out and shoot them.

    Your heavy equipment is easily the most costly asset that your business must invest in in order to do the work you do. On top of that, the heavy equipment parts and service to keep your large machinery chugging along is another stiff expenditure. If replacing your commercial engine cylinders, bucket pins, cutting edges and all other one million components on your diesel work horse is burning a hole in your operations budget, check out our list of ways to keep your heavy equipment costs down.

    Six Tips for Reducing Your Heavy Equipment Maintena

    Pharmaceutical Packaging It’s More Important Than You’d Think

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    E-pedigree serialisation

    More and more often, pharmaceutical medication is being shipped to the front doors of patients, rather than being dispensed by local pharmacies. The fact is that due to changes in the practices of insurance companies, now more than ever people are relying on shipping to get their medications. This can make some uncomfortable. Pharmaceutical medications have always been somewhat difficult to keep track of, especially when one person has multiple prescription. With some prescription medications fetching a high price on the black market, it’s important to know that people are getting the medication they actually need, rather than bucking the system. There is also the concern of giving the wrong medication to a person who possesses actual illnesses. You shouldn’t have to worry about you or a loved

    3 Things to Know On the Clinical and Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry

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    Serialization pharma

    The pharmaceutical prescription drug industry is one of the largest, most powerful in America today. Many people don’t realize just how much goes into the world of things like clinical trial material supply, pharmaceutical serialisation, and blister packaging designs. Every prescription drug that’s made needs to be accounted for and properly packaged before it can make its way to pharmacies and eventually into your medicine cabinet.

    One of the reasons plastic is used for the majority of clinical trial material supply is because of its durability, versatility, light weight, and inexpensive nature. Here are three var

    Leasing Warehouse Space Versus Owning Warehouse Space?

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    Renting commercial real estate

    You own your own business. You started off small, working out of your basement or a spare office in your home, but your business has grown so much that you have decided it is time to move the business out of your home. Now what? Do you purchase an office space, when you are still a relatively new business? Do you rent the space from someone? Will renting allow you to make the necessary customizations to the office and warehouse your products and inventory? There are a lot of questions when it comes to finding the perfect space for your small business. In short, leasing is a great option for those businesses that are newer and are still working on their profits.
    4 billion square feet of warehouse space was built between 1990 and 2003. Leasing is a popular choice amongst businesses, because of th

    What is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration?

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    License agreements

    Even if you have never been involved in a lawsuit, you have probably heard the terms “mediation” and “arbitration”. What you may not know is how they differ from one another.

    Arbitration services and mediation services are both forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR refers to any process of settling disputes outside of the courtroom. In some cases, it is a viable alternative to litigation.

    What is Mediation?
    Mediation is an informal process in which a neutral third-party, known as the mediator, works with the opposing parties to agree upon a mutually satisfactory resolution to their dispute. The mediator guides the individuals toward a settlement by helping them clarify the

    Fiver Reasons You Need to Start Marketing on Social Media

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    Website design

    Social media has become a standard in communication between people. It allows you to connect with friends around the world, and reconnect with people you may not have spoken to in years, decades even. But could it be the next marketing platform for your business?

    Many online marketing companies will advise against running a social media campaign, but in truth, more people use social media than any other service on the internet. So if you’re thinking about changing up your digital marketing strategy, here are fiv

    Understanding Printed Circuit Board Design, Fabrication, and Assembly

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    Prototype circuit boards

    Globally, the printed circuit board (PCB) market was nearly $60 billion in 2012, showing real growth of 1.7% of the previous year, according to the World PCB Production Report for the Year 2012 as published by IPC. PCBs are one of the central concepts of electronics.

    The first PCBs involved large electronic components which were mounted on wooden bases and connected with metal strips or rods. Over time, metal frames took the place of the wooden bases and wires connected to screw terminals replaced the metal strips. With this shift came the ability to make far smaller PCBs. Understanding PCBs and prototype PCBs begins by understanding the steps that go into PCB creation. From design to fabrication and assembly.

    Prototype PCB design

    When designing a printed circuit board, the f

    A Home Made Out of Used Shipping Containers? It’s Not as Crazy As You Think

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    Steel shipping containers

    These days, people are building homes in rather unconventional methods. From tiny homes to vans, people are finding new ways to domesticate that not only fit their needs, but their budget as well. That being that, why not make a home out of something as unconventional as shipping containers? While it may sound odd, these containers have the potential to be exactly what the right kind of homeowner is looking for.

    The Shipping Industry
    The shipping industry is a huge global business, making up 90% of the world’s trade and accounting for more GDP than restaurants, takeout and civil engineering combined. And between 2014 to next year, it is expected to grow another five percent!
    With all of this in mind, wouldn’t it be both economic and interesting to repurpose these Continue Reading No Comments

    The Virtual Office A Unique Office Solution to Cut Costs and Improve Productivity

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    Virtual office providers

    A unique office solution that’s seen increased growth since its inception in 1994, is the virtual office. With the technology available today, more and more businesses are allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely. The result is a workforce which is more productive and happier, and a company whose profit margin just jumped by cutting the significant overhead costs that come with maintaining a physical office.

    What exactly is a virtual office?

    Ever heard the saying, “Home is where your heart is”? Well, a virtual office is sort of like the office version of that saying. In other words, virtual offices take the office wherever you are. With a virtual office, you can work from anywhere you have access to a computer or other office technology. That’s the beauty of this type of