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    How Companies Can Use Signage To Gain A Customer’s Attention

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    If you’ve walked down a busy street these days, it’s hard not to notice all kinds of signage, especially signage bordered by LED lighting. Technological advances have made electronic signs for business easy to spot and there’s no doubt they work. Good signs stand out. Good signs are effective. Good singage grabs a customer’s attention.

    Need further proof?

    • 35% would never have discovered a business had it not been for a sign
    • 71% of people read messages on both traditional and digital billboards
    • 58% of adults became interested in an event they wanted to attend after reading a billboard
    • 32% of people visited a retailer who’s billboard they saw within a week of seeing it

    As you can see signage, if done correctly, works extremely well and makes customers take notice. In some cases, signage is more effective in getting a customer’s attention and keeping it than posting something on social media. If your company is looking to use

    Looking At The Important Role Of Signage

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    Signage of all kinds is used all throughout the United States. As a matter of fact, signage comes in many different forms – and can be used for many different purposes as well. For instance, the typical outdoor LED school sign is popular, and an outdoor LED sign for schools is one that can be found all throughout the country. After all, an outdoor LED sign for schools can convey a great deal of important information to parents and children alike.

    For one thing, an outdoor LED sign for schools can be used to give parents and students information about important dates of school closure, such as for breaks or for professional development days or one-day holidays. In addition to this, the outdoor LED sign for schools can also be used to inform the school community of various important student events. A great example of this would be the use of an outdoor LED sign for schoo