New Technology for Direct Mail Marketing

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Even in the age of smartphones and tablets, when people can look up almost everything on the internet, direct mail marketing still has a significant impact on customer choices. Paradoxically, people may actually look forward to receiving printed brochures and catalogs, precisely because they are a change from staring at a lighted screen. Direct mail campaigns are a successful way for businesses to reach customers. Wholesale printing services that offer complete direct marketing packages can handle the entire process from start to finish.

Waiting for the mailman
People still watch for mailman and it’s not just the oldies. More than an third, or 36%, of people under 30 look forward to the daily mail delivery and check the mail everyday. It’s not just paychecks that they’re waiting for: direct marketing mail still has an impact on customer purchasing decisions.
A survey carried out by the USPS made an interesting discovery: direct marketing materials like brochures, postcards and catalogs lead people to the business website. It found that more than 60% of people who receive direct marketing mail are inspired to visit the related website. This is especially true of new customers.

Direct marketing is effective
Overall, the vast majority or 92% of people prefer to make shopping decisions based on direct marketing materials. Besides catalogs, people find it useful to receive coupons and vouchers in their mailboxes. About two thirds or 66% say that it’s easier to remember to use vouchers when they’re actually printed on pieces of paper rather than online.
Print services that can personalize direct marketing materials and can help businesses reach customers old and new. Direct mail marketing is still highly effective, and brings in as many as 39% of new customers.

Personalized direct mail has a special appeal
Direct mail campaigns can also contain personalized materials like address labels. Advances in digital printing technology, like 4-color printing and variable data printing services, make it possible to personalize direct marketing materials. Customers say that they find such customized materials useful, but less than a third of their direct mail materials are personalized.

New technology for direct mail
Wholesale printing services that offer complete packages can handle all direct marketing jobs from start to finish. These cover everything from 4-color digital printing, custom printing or variable data printing (VDP technology) to direct mail marketing campaigns and postcards.
Wholesale printing services carry out all stages of a direct marketing mail campaign, from the initial data processing and merge/purge through full-color custom printing to postal presort and mailing.

Wholesale printing services that use new technology to deliver personalized direct marketing materials can help businesses gain greater viability, which translates into higher sales.

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