Why It’s Important to Donate to Veterans

Donations for veterans

If you’re someone who buys a lot of clothes, you could probably use some extra closet space. What better way to get it than to give some donations for veterans? Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing, which is incredibly wasteful. But making donations for veterans is essential to their well-being and could provide them with resources they desperately need. If you’re interested in providing some donations for veterans, here are some things to keep in mind.

First, while providing donations for veterans is indeed a selfless act, it doesn’t just benefit the veterans. You can actually receive significant tax deductions as a result of making donations to veterans. Men’s overcoats and suits are worth approximately $60 as a tax write-off, and a coffee maker is generally worth $4 to $15 as a tax write-off. Remember, any charitable donation worth more than $250 (including donations of clothing and household items) will require a receipt to write off on your taxes, but that isn’t difficult to obtain, and it will truly make a difference in the eyes of the veterans who need our support.

Some hesitations people have that may deter them from the idea of providing donations for veterans are being unsure of what they want to donate. Parting with once-loved clothing can be bittersweet, but if you live in a one to two season climate and you haven’t worn an item in 6 months, it’s time to let it go to a veteran or person in need. Household donations are also important. GreenDrop now has approximately 30 free-standing locations and mobile trailers that collect on average 100 tons of donations each week. The organization raised $2.5 million for participating charities in 2014. According to their website, GreenDrop provides the most convenient way to donate gently used clothing and household goods to assist charitable programs for American Red Cross, Military Order of the Purple Heart, National Federation of the Blind, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia. Wherever you’re located, GreenDrop is always looking for donations.

If you’re still having doubts about making donations for veterans, consider the following. The average American buys at least twice as many pieces of clothing as 20 years ago. Almost 100% of household textiles and clothing can be recycled, regardless of quality of condition. The majority (70%) of social media users would take some kind of action in response to a friend posting a story on social media about making a charitable donation. Finally, the average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Why let those resources end up in landfills when somebody has a greater need for them? Making frequent donations for veterans will clear up space in your home as well as provide resources to people who need them most.

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