How To Create Your Very Own Successful Home Garden

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How well do you know your plants? Although a little water and sunshine can do wonders for the health of your flowers and foliage, it just won’t cut it in the long-term. Some plants just need a little bit of an extra kick to bring out their potential and lagging in any of these areas can lead to deteriorating leaves, withered roots and a lot of wasted time. Learning how to control plant mites, using hydroponic grow lights and cloning supplements will go a long way in creating the healthy, vibrant plant life you’ve always wanted for your house or apartment.

Basic Farming

Before we talk about cloning supplements or hydroponics nutrients, let’s look into basic farming techniques. You’ll find the average farmer claiming that aquaculture crops use up to 90% less water compared to similar crops in traditional soil farming landscapes — some of these crops have been found to grow twice as fast due to getting exactly the appropriate amount of nutrients, oxygen and water at any given time.

Home Farming

Did you know nearly 80% of all households with a food garden grew vegetables back in 2014? This was an impressive 20% increase since 2008, making home farming one of the most popular additions to the average American household. The same year saw 35% of all households, adding up to 42 million, growing food at home or in a community area. There are a plethora of accessible additions you can use to keep your plants healthy and strong, from cloning supplements to pruning snips.

Hydroponics Systems

Now for a little breakdown on hydroponics and how they work. Hydroponics can increase the growth rate of plants up to 50% compared to typical soil grown techniques as well as boost yield, making it a superior option for people who want the highest quality results possible. The Ebb and Flow is considered a classic hydroponic system, able to accommodate pots of any size and easy to build on your own. Potted plants are arranged along a drain table filled with anywhere from two to three inches of water and nutrient solution.

General Layout

Need to know a little bit more? The pH requirement for nutrient solutions is generally determined by the type of plant you’re growing, though a good rule of thumb set by most home farmers for setting pH is between five and six for most growing mediums. Two to four tiered metal plant stands are widely considered the best way of holding multiple plants in a small area, able to be easily arranged without falling over or slipping while being tended to.

Creating A Home Garden

Now for a refresher. Home gardening is incredibly popular in the United States and is only becoming more so through the use of hydroponics systems and accessible gardening equipment. While flowers and decorative plants are beloved choices, more and more are choosing to grow their own vegetables to save money and have a little fun in the process. Remember that cloning supplements and indoor garden lighting systems will only supplement your set-up and create the most hospitable environment possible. Are you ready to create the ultimate home garden? The power is, quite literally, in your hands!

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