Looking to Build a Business? Take a Look at Campgrounds

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Are you looking for a new entrepreneurial pursuit to sink your teeth into? Think about what people love to do. One thing almost every individual or family tries to do at least once a year is go on vacation. Many families are likely to choose camping as a family vacation at least once — and indeed, six out of 10 households can state that someone in their house as gone camping. Clubs and other recreational organizations are also likely to take advantage of campsites. Starting an RV park franchise or campsite franchise could be your next big move! Entering the leisure industry is a smart move and could pay off big. Among other things, you’ll want to conduct your research and address the needs and desires of those who camp regularly, those who are thinking about camping, and those who have never been camping, but are interested in trying it, in order to most effectively start your campsite franchise off right.

Why Campsites?

Camping is one of the oldest recreational activities and is popular among people of all ages. There’s a sense of adventure, you get the chance to totally unplug (if you so choose), you get to be out in nature, and plenty of people reminisce fondly on memories made while camping. If you’re camping as a couple, it can be a romantic getaway, and camping is inherently kid-friendly, making it great for families. Camping alone can give individuals a thrill and sense of independence that can be hard to achieve elsewhere.

Who wouldn’t want to tap into all these benefits? There will always be campers who need campsites or a place to park their RV. If your test campground really takes off, you can expand, people might start looking for campsites, and before you know it, you’ll have a campsite franchise on your hands!

What Amenities Are Campers Looking For?
Generally, campers will want a place they can shower and use the bathroom (unless they’re really hard-core), and many campsites have a small “general store” where campers can pick up toiletries or things they might’ve forgotten to pack. The “store” may also have a food stand during the day. However, providing grills or a place to do some outdoor cooking is also important — almost 80% of campers do some type of outdoor cooking while they’re camping. Having picnic tables scattered around the campsite is also great.

One of the top three most valued things to campers is also access to free WiFi. Though we can unplug most of the way, having access to WiFi can be helpful and attract campers who can’t just quite let go all the way. For many campers, being able to bring pets is also important and having the option to stay in a cabin instead of a tent was also a positive.

Having group amenities is also important, as many families camp together and millennials tend to camp in groups, not alone.

What Makes a Successful Campground?

The answer to this question can vary depending on who you ask. But generally, having a clean, well-kept campsite with well-tended grounds, clean facilities, and pathways that make sense in, around, and out of the campground are all items that contribute to a positive camping experience. Campers also want to feel safe, despite being out in the woods, so having adequate lighting to facilities like the bathroom, and someone watching the camp entrance at night can help.

Most campers are looking for an element of privacy as well — you don’t want to hear rowdy neighbors having a party or be able to hear every conversation around you. Quiet hours — that are enforced — can also help.

And of course, offering reasonable prices are key to attracting campers and having them come back time and time again.

With research into your area and paying close attention to what the customers want, you could start your own campsite franchise this summer! You may also meet some wonderful and fascinating people as you build your campsites and explore the joys of camping yourself!

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