Job Placement Agencies How to Save Your Company Time and Money

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Does your human resources department need assistance with hiring employees? If your human resources department is still being built or if they are busy with other tasks, using an employment agency is a great way to find new employees. Your company shouldn?t have to lose time and money when it comes to the hiring process. Instead, rely on a staffing agency to help pick up some of the slack when your company is in need.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of an employment agency when your need some extra help? Keep reading to find out why a staffing agencies are helpful.

How to Save Time and Money With Job Placement Agencies

Whether you?re a new company or a company looking to become more efficient, using an employment agency can get the job done. You don?t want to start looking for new candidates when you don?t have the time to dedicate to the process. If you do that, it can result in a high employee turnover rate. You may struggle to keep your employee retention high.

A high employee turnover rate is more than just a concept. It?s a hard number that can affect your company?s annual revenue and the environment in the workplace. For instance, every employee that leaves their position can cost the company 30% to 150% of their annual salary. So, if you are spending time and money to go through the hiring process all for that individual to leave their position shortly after, you?re losing a lot of money. Every year around $11 billion is lost to employee turnover. You don?t want your company to be part of those statistics or that large number of money lost annually.

With around 20% of employees leaving their jobs before the first 45 days are up, you should be careful when hiring. An employment agency has the time to dedicate to thoroughly vetting all candidates before setting them up with a company. Your human resources department may even be able to learn some tips and tricks of the trade from a job agency. Since nearly 50% of human resource departments believe employee retention is an issue for their company, it?s important that these human resources departments are doing what they can to learn more and apply better practices.

So, before you start your next candidate search, try finding an employment agency that meets your standards. Test out a few employment agencies to pick the one that works best for your company.

Have you ever used an employment agency at your company? Was it beneficial and did your human resources department learn anything valuable about the process? Let us know in the comments about your experiences with employment agencies.

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