Are You Getting Ready to Hire a New Digital Marketing Team?

Digital marketing is an important tool in the successful marketing of a company or brand and helps it to connect with potential customers. It is an effective method as it helps companies to interact and connect with their customers on search engines such as Google through the use of SEO strategies. Digital marketing advertising companies perform a digital market analysis of your business before they advise you on what marketing ideas are best for your business or company. Before venturing into digital marketing for your business or company, it is important that you first understand digital marketing functions and the benefits that come with it.

1. Affordable

It is one of the inexpensive marketing techniques you can use for your business or company. A responsive web design for your website could cost just a few dollars and it’s mostly due to the purchase of a legit domain name for your site. A certified digital marketing specialist may even recommend to you some reputable sites you can use prices that may be suitable for your digital marketing goals. Some types of methods for advertising differ depending on what type of marketing you are going for but digital marketing advertisements prices are relatively lower compared to other means of marketing.

2. Flexible

Digital marketing offers many forms of marketing that include banner advertisements, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. This enables you to experiment with different methods of marketing and opens up opportunities to implement publicity strategies.

Adopting digital marketing trends is essential to any business because it helps them in their overall marketing strategy. You can also combine the usage of digital marketing and other traditional marketing methods to optimize your company’s advertisement to yield fruitful results.

Software design

Likes, shares, and retweets.
Digital marketing companies understand the value of these three little words.
The fact that web marketing solutions cater to the power of social media is an indicator of the strength of this platform From school bond issue campaigns to new product promotions, digital marketing companies know that they have to use social media as a part of the services that they offer to their customers and clients. A great website design is only valuable if the customers find it, and for many consumers what they decided to look at on the internet and what websites they decide to visit is impacted by what they encounter on social media sites.
A friend broadcasts the fact that she was able to find a great deal on back to school supplies.
An aunt who lives half way across the country shows the latest styles in the spirit wear for her local college football team.
Your brother posts about the new car that he bought for his wife.
These posts matter. The posts influence the purchase decisions that other consumers make, so it is logical that digital marketing companies want to use this platform when they get ready to help their clients grow their businesses.
Are Social Media Posts Successfully Driving Customers to Your Website?
We live in a world that is connected 24/7. We live in a time when any customer can find any product during any hour of the day. For these reasons it should come as no surprise that the best marketing companies are doing everything within their power to use social media as a powerful platform to enhance the coverage that they provide their customers and clients.
Consider some of these trends that the best marketing teams are using to their advantage:

  • It is essential that a marketing team help its customers keep up with the latest social media and website design trends. In fact, a site that is a mere two years old may be outdated if it has not kept up with changes in the industry. Customer sites require maintenance and updates as new browsers and devices change how sites are displayed and accessed.
  • Likes, shares, and retweets are necessary, but is it also important that your digital marketing team pushes targeted emails as well. Unfortunately, only 8% of companies have an email marketing team, despite the fact email is often rated as the platform the delivers the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any digital marketing tactic.
  • In the year 2015, more than $180 billion was spent in advertising in America.
  • Keeping track of the latest trends is important in today’s competitive digital marketing world.
  • Estimates indicate that 62% of companies designing a website specifically for mobile had helped their clients increase sales.
  • The change in a website bounce rate spikes to 100% when a page takes four seconds or more to load. Research also indicates that it jumps to 150% if a page takes eight seconds or more to load. Speed matters!
  • Half of the companies who are using digital marketing admit that they do not have a real plan in place for this very powerful tool.
  • As the social media and digital marketing platforms continue to grow, the creation and management of content now claim the second-largest share of digital marketing budgets.
  • The average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on their path to making a single purchase.

There was a day if you mentioned that you loved a product you would typically have a very small audience. Today, however, when you use social media to say I LIKE THAT to all of your followers, and sometimes your followers’ followers will be able to say just what it is you are talking about.

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