4 Ways to Find the Perfect Answering Service

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Every business owner wants to ensure their customers are cared for. However, you can’t expect to wait in the office without ever calling it a day. Many businesses make use of an answering service to help things run smoothly. An answering service ensures customers are able to speak with a representative while your business is closed for the day. Not all phone answering services are created equally. It’s imperative to do a bit of homework before selecting an answering service provider. Here are four considerations to make when checking out an answering service.

  1. Available Around the Clock

    An answering service needs to be available around the clock. If you’re finding an answering service keeps standard business hours, it’s time to move on. The point of an answering service is to always be there for your customers. You’ll want to ask what hours an answering service is able to take calls. It’s wise to find out if this company will be closed for any holidays throughout the year.
  2. Ability to Answer Customers by Phone

    Statistics show that 80% of consumers prefer to have customer service matters handled over the phone. It’s great to have an option on a company website for contacting your company. However, many customers are unaware of how to find and utilize a contact box. Utilizing an after hours phone answering services ensures customers always have a person to speak with.
  3. Excellent Customer Service

    One study finds that brands in the United States are losing nearly $41 billion annually because of bad customer service. It’s a hassle for many business owners to hire and train the right employees. Many business owners find out answering service pricing to hire one of these companies. You’ll find that a 24 hour answering service already has employees that are trained in the art of customer satisfaction. Keeping customers satisfied is a major key to continuing to have a successful business. Statistics show that over 65% of customers spend more with a business after receiving excellent customer service.
  4. Different Pricing Options

    Answering service pricing is an important consideration. It’s understandable that not every business will have the same communication needs. You’ll want to work with a company offering different types of answering service pricing. It’s always wise to have multiple options, letting you find one perfectly suited for your business. Having multiple pricing options works well to cover your business when it’s time to expand.

In closing, there are several important considerations to make when choosing an answering service. It’s important to choose a service that is available around the clock. You don’t want to miss out on important callers because an answering service isn’t available during peak call hours. It’s best to work with an answering service that talks to customers through the phone. Hiring an answering service ensures that customers always speak to polite and empathetic individuals. It’s wise to find a business offering multiple types of answering service pricing. Having multiple price levels works well to cover the needs of nearly any business. Having an answering service lets customers know you care when you aren’t there.

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