How Street Sweepers Can Reduce Pollution in Water Bodies

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The connection between clean streets and reduced pollution in water bodies is not obvious at first sight. But that?s only because most people haven?t really thought about what happens to all the dirt, plastic and other litter on the streets. Not to mention the oil and grease that automobiles shed on roadways and parking lots. All of these become runoff pollution, and find their way through the storm drains into the nearest water body, which may be a river or even one of the Great Lakes. Regular street cleaning and street cleaning rentals can stop the runoff and make a real contribution to maintaining water quality.

Street cleaning and water quality
Regular street cleaning plays an important part in reducing run off pollution in water bodies. Urban pollutants include oil, grease, and toxic chemicals; excess fertilizer and pesticides from lawns and gardening; bacteria from septic systems; and heavy metals. The salt used to make roads safe in the winter also finds its way through storm drains to rivers and lakes.
These pollutants can be found on road surfaces, bridges, parking lots, rooftops, and driveways. When it rains, they wash through gutters and drains to water bodies like lakes, streams and rivers. The cumulative effect of all these pollutants can be costly. It is estimated that pollution from parking spaces alone in the U.S. costs anywhere from $4 billion and $20 billion in damage to health and the environment each year.

Street sweeper trucks to the rescue
The scale of the problem is staggering, but the solutions are in fact quite simple and easy to implement. Regular street cleaning helps to prevent debris and chemicals from washing into water sources. Those sturdy little sweeper trucks that you see on the streets every week can make a big difference to reducing runoff pollution.
This means cleaner water sources, which is a major benefit for public health and wildlife alike. Street cleaning also gets rid of larger and more solid bits of garbage like plastic bags, which can cause havoc on both land and sea. Solid debris can also clog up drains and gutters, leading to flooding in heavy rains.

Street sweeper rentals for private lots
For private parking lots and driveways, street sweeper rentals can remove both large and small pollutants that are so harmful for the environment. Road sweeping services can likewise clean up all the oil, grease and chemicals as well as solid debris.
Street sweepers are the unsung heroes of the effort to reduce water pollution. For businesses and commercial establishments, there?s the added benefit of a cleaner and neater appearance, which can attract more custom. Parking lot cleaners can handle private driveways and sidewalks as well.

While the problem of runoff pollution is a massive one, there are many simple steps that can be taken immediately to reduce the amount of pollutants. Street sweeper rentals and parking lot sweeping can contribute to reducing water pollution and make the environment safer and healthier for all life.

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