Custom Plastic Bottles for Everyone in the Industry

Small plastic bottles

You probably use plastic every single day of your life. Because the country needs plastic for a variety of reasons, plastic bottle suppliers have one of the most important jobs in a variety of industries where bottles are completely necessary for use. Some of the greatest and most reliable companies are those that provide options for a custom plastic bottle design so a company can appeal to their customer base and provide something that the world has never seen before – their own custom addition to a company and what they stand for. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles each hour, which is why the plastic bottle suppliers of the world are constantly thriving, because there is so much use for these companies in the food industry, toy industry, and so much more.

Blow molding plastic is how custom plastic bottles are made, with customized looks like colored bottles, to being made from recyclable plastic. These are things that all good companies keep in mind when they appeal to various companies, as the plastic industry happens to be the third-largest manufacturing industry and the need for these custom bottles is always growing. Some of the companies that take advantage of custom plastic bottle suppliers are those who are making multi-billions selling to the masses, so the plastic bottles are put to good use at home, in offices, hospitals, schools, and more.

The Process of Blow Molding

Blow molded plastic bottles are what many companies focus on, with a blow molding machine consisting of three parts: the extruder, accumulator die, and molds. These molds make it possible for containers of different sizes and shapes to be mass produced in a variety of custom ways that appeals to companies and consumers. Everybody wants something different, right? There are also many different types of blow molding, from extrusion blow molding (a very popular choice), to injection and stretch blow molding. The market is constantly growing. 600 billion pounds of plastic is being produced every year, with the market continuing to grow a little more every year. Companies that support injection molding can be found in every single state in the U.S., so we are never at a loss, because approximately 16,000 facilities exist to this day – that’s a huge business!

Without plastic bottle suppliers, many companies would not have optimal packaging for their products, which is what keeps these manufacturing companies alive and prosperous. The business is constantly increasing as more companies are born that require these bottles and need custom products made at a cost that suits them.

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