Green Future What Your Business Can Do to Lower Its Carbon Footprint

Every year, the word from scientists gets more and more dire when it comes to climate change and the effect we’re having on the future of the planet. Every little thing helps, so we’ve compiled this short list of 5 things a business owner can do to reduce the environmental impact of their business.

1. Switch to Green Eco Friendly Signs

Any successful business knows that signs are an excellent tool to attract customers and drive sales. One thing you can do moving forward is make the change to green eco friendly signs. Changing out your signs and display boards or banners for more environmentally friendly ones can do wonders. If you use neon lights or other energy-draining signage, it might be time to make the change. You can find places with green eco friendly signs and banners for sale for a price that won’t break your bank. With a wide variety of selections available to replace old signage, you can find everything from small price signs to giant display boards for sale, usually at a place near you.

2. Recycle!

This is a big one. Many businesses don’t recycle, as management often sees it as a waste of resources. This is not the case! In fact, covering up your environmental impact is your responsibility! And as a matter of fact, it’s also not expensive.

3. Paperless is Better

If you have the ability to reduce or eliminate the use of paper in your business, it can be a huge help in reducing waste. Post schedules online, switch to digital communication, and use fax instead of email next time! One of the biggest offenders is unnecessary printing. If you can print less copies of something. You can always print more if needed, but think about all the paper that is often wasted!

4. Get New Lights

Many old, outdated lights are incredibly wasteful, and not very cost-effective. By switching to newer lights, you’ll save on electric bills as well as help do your part to cut down energy use. It can be a hassle to hire someone to switch out all the lights if you’re in a bigger building, but it’ll be worth the money saved and planet saved in the long run.

5. Shut Down Those Computers

If you leave your computer, or multiple computers, on during the day when they aren’t being used, that can be a huge drain on your energy costs. Similarly to switching out your lights, but far easier, just turning off or putting your computers into sleep mode can make a big difference.

What about you? Do you have any other tips on ways businesses can help go more eco friendly? Share your ideas down below and have a great day!

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