A Guide to Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Right now, there some great uses for used shipping containers for sale that people have yet to truly buy in on. First of all, shipping container homes are a big deal and could potentially help homeless people have a home. Plus, businesses like Taco Bell are now getting in on the idea of using storage containers for storefronts.

Just about 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship. Due to higher costs, it still makes more financial sense to transport goods in high volume ships. Approximately 675 shipping containers are lost at sea each year. However, not all of these big containers are lost at sea. Therefore, it is wise for American to use used shipping containers for sale for a good purpose. Here are all of the facts below on storage container modifications.

Shipping Containers Are Great For Homes

There are around 17 million shipping containers in the world, with only 6 million of these in use. So approximately 11 million shipping containers are currently unused and could be converted into homes for people. This is a big deal because there is a huge homeless problem in America. Therefore, anything that can be done to help these people out is great.

If shipping containers are taken care of with regular maintenance, they can last for a total of 20 years, according to Container Auction. Therefore, if properly maintained, one used shipping containers for sale can give someone nearly 20 years of a safe place to live.

Shipping Containers Are Great For Businesses

There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally with the number of active shipping containers at more than five million. In total, they make around 200 million trips a year, according to Billie Box. With this number of storage containers moving across the globe, there is no reason that leftover storage containers cannot be used for a purpose. Now, eco-friendly businesses are trying to use old used shipping containers for sale as storefronts.

As previously mentioned, Taco Bell and even Starbucks are both investing in used shipping containers for sale for storefronts. Understand that this is a great way to save resources. For each recycled shipping container, around 3,500kg worth of steel is reused. It also helps save all of the traditional building materials which includes bricks, mortar, and wood, which do not need to be used.

A standard TEU container can hold around 3,500 shoe boxes, and a 40ft high cube can hold more than 8,000 shoe boxes. Therefore, businesses do not need to worry about not having enough room in their storefront when they utilize used shipping containers for sale. Instead, they can sit back and enjoy the resources and money that they are saving.

The Closing Facts On Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Some of the world’s biggest container ships are about 1,300 feet long, that is nearly 400 meters or the distance around an Olympic running track, with a maximum width of 180 feet. This type of space can give these storage containers plenty of afterlife when they are no longer used to ship items across the globe.

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