A Guide to Installing Concrete Pavers

Are you looking to build a patio or perhaps replace a driveway? If so, concrete pavers are a great option. Essentially, concrete pavers are like bricks but made out of concrete. Pavers are smaller squares that you can then lay down to create a surface.

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If you’ve ever walked or driven down a brick road, you’ve likely seen brick pavers. Concrete pavers work in a similar way but provide the affordability and durability of concrete.

Keep in mind that installing concrete pavers will require a lot of elbow grease. First, you’ll need to mark and dig out an area for the patio or whatever else you’re building. You’ll want to dig down about 8 or 9 inches, depending on the specifications of the concrete pavers themselves. After that’s done, you’ll use a soil compactor to pack the soil, providing a firm base.

Next, you’ll pour a layer of rock over the soil, then you’ll rake it out until it’s flat. Concrete sand is poured on next. Once that’s done, use the compactor again to pack everything tightly. From here, it’s time to start laying down the concrete pavers. You’ll want to make sure they’re fitting tightly and are level.

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