How to Start a Power Washing Company

If you’re thinking of starting a pressure washing company, commonly referred to as a power washing company, follow along to learn the important steps you should take!

The first step is to decide on your company’s name! You do have to check to make sure the name is not already taken. You do this by going to the IRS website and going to the Secretary of State website. There are start-up costs that begin kicking in at this first step.

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You can pay a smaller fee by doing this all on your own, or alternatively, you can hire someone to do this for you which costs more money.

Obtaining a license gives you the right to work in whatever city your business resides in. You will get fined if you do not have a license to operate your business. It would be best if your personal bank accounts and your business bank accounts are two separate things! You also will want to think about getting general liability insurance. Talk to a lawyer to make sure you have the right coverage over damages done on the job, possible worker injuries, your vehicle, and more.

Do not downplay the importance and impact of networking! Creating a website and social media presence will help bring in business and spread your name. These are just some of the abundance of factors you need to think about when starting a business!


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