How to Quote Tree Removal Services

If you’re running a tree business and you need help quoting jobs, this video will help you consider all factors of the job before giving your customer a price. Start by examining the entire area. One primary issue to think about is how to access the tree. Can your truck get close enough to it? Or will you need to use a smaller vehicle such as a mini loader? If the customers have a septic system in the area, locate and mark it out. This is necessary because driving over it or dropping heavy logs on it can cause damage to the system.

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Rigging, climbing, clean up, brush disposal, and removal are all obstacles you need to consider when planning out time for the job. Avoid quoting your customers on the spot. Evaluate the area, then sit down and run the numbers so you can get the right amount for the quality tree removal services you are providing.

Taking pictures and setting a timeline from 24 to 48 hours to write up your estimate will help you map out a number you can deliver to the customer with confidence. If you feel like you may forget important items when looking at a job, using this video to type up a checklist can be extremely helpful!


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