3 Ideas For Your Aerial Advertisement

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When it comes to advertising, usually the most creative man wins. Efforts to get the name of your business out there depend on your ability to think outside of the box and directly challenge your competitor’s efforts at doing the same exact thing as you are. That’s why things like plane advertising (including sky banners and sky typing) are a great way to go above and beyond and really get noticed.

Not only are airplane messages a great way to be creative, but they are a great way to reach a large audience. On a nice day with good visibility, hundreds of thousands of people at beaches and amusement parks are very likely to see your advertisement, making the investment in aerial banners well worth it — much more worth it than newspaper or television ads.

But what exactly will you have on your plane banner? Check out these suggestions:

Why not get even more attention by putting the first half of a joke on your aerial banners? If you include a phone number, web address, or store address, you are bound to get people visiting or calling in order to find out what the answer is. Make the joke relevant to the products of services you provide and make sure your brand name is very visible.

Playful Images
At the beach, people will be much more likely to look up if you have an engaging image streaming behind the plane. Maybe you can design the figure of a person hanging on to the back of the plane’s tail, with a speech bubble coming out.
Your Brand
It may seem like not the greatest creative leap, but just having your company’s name, logo, and web address will probably do a lot for your business. In lieu of any other information, the viewers of your ad are likely to wonder about you, and search you on their smart phones.

There is no end to the creative options for your plane advertisements — sign up with a local artist to really make a memorable campaign. Don’t underestimate the power of a good aerial campaign — sign up for your aerial banners today!

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