Performing Reliability Centered Maintenance Can Help Ensure You Don’t Have Mechanical and Safety Problems


Companies that have an industrial business need to do a good job of maintenance to prevent breakdowns and accidents from happening. To do that, they need to have a good RCM process. The RCM in RCM process stands for reliability centered maintenance, and it is an important concept to which to pay heed.

Reliability centered maintenance is a process by which a manufacturing or other industrial center works to establish the minimum levels of maintenance that are needed to allow machines to operate safely. This type of maintenance system is established in many industrial settings, including manufacturing, oil and gas and other industries.

One of the reasons maintenance is needed is that in many industries, there are harsh chemicals, solvents and fuels used. There are 10 primary forms of corrosion that can affect machinery, pipes and other industrial equipment, and a piece of equipment rarely suffers corrosion from only one form. To combat damage from corrosion, machinery needs regular maintenance, which should consist of checking for corrosion and cleaning any that is found.

Another reason to go through an RCM process is to prevent potential accidents that could lead to injuries. Machinery that is not well maintained can malfunction and cause accidents that can injure workers or other people. Such accidents also can damage property. For example, oil and gas rigs are a prime example. Accidents caused by rigs that are not maintained have injured and even killed workers. There are international risk standards and rules that relate to what kinds of inspections need to be done and how often they need to be done. Following those guidelines can help ensure safe operation.

Asset reliability and asset integrity are among other reasons to have an inspection process that has an RCM design. Having machinery or components break down at critical times can greatly hamper a business. Downtime at the wrong time could mean a deadline is not met or it could lead to the need for temporary staff layoffs. Doing regular inspections and doing maintenance and any fixes that are necessary can ensure that machines and components work how they are supposed to and don’t break down.

Inspections are critical to ensure quality and safe operation of industrial machinery and components. You should make sure that you have a good inspection plan in place.

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