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    Label Makers Offer Many Benefits for Improving Brand and Product Recognition Along with More

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    Label makers are available today for a countless number of reasons. With so many products across several industries in need of labels, the printing of specific packaging and labels in massive quantities is helpful. Label makers are able to print product information or pricing information, often customized for the need of the brand or the package being shipped.

    Various Types of Custom Labels

    So many different custom labeling machines and even printers working as label makers offer the creation of custom labels in many manners. Sometimes the label may just be a product name for a package, shipping information, or it may be more detailed for things like ingredients, trademarks, price, and much more. Some of the most common customized labels include the following:

    • Custom high gloss inkjet labels
    • Custom high gloss labels
    • Polyester labels
    • Primera labels
    • Thermal transfer labels

    With so many different needs for the label

    Why Packaging Is Important For Maintaining Fruits And Vegetables

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    There’s no doubt of the importance of fruits and vegetables on our health. After all, they provide us with nutrition, essential vitamins and minerals and help keep all of our bodies functioning at peak level.

    But when it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, care needs to be taken. It seems as though every week there’s a news story about a recall on certain types of produce. That’s why vegetable and fruit packaging is important. If you picture your local grocery store’s produce section, you can likely picture different types of fruits and vegetables in their designated types of packaging. It may seem like there’s a lot of packaging involved, but it’s for a good reason.

    Generally speaking, there are five types of packaging you’re likely to see in your local grocery store, much of which is used for vegetable and fruit packaging:

    • Pallets and crates: If you need to move or store items in large quantities, creates and pallets are perfect for the job.

    How Companies Can Best Protect Customer Information From Cybercrime

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    As the world continues to evolve where technology is concerned, companies can never be too careful when it comes to protecting information. It seems that at least once a week there’s a major news story about a major company experiencing a data breach where the personal data of thousands, if not millions of customers is exposed and vulnerable. In fact, it’s estimated that about one in 15 people is now a victim of identity theft; in 2017 that number was more than 16 million.

    With companies on constant alert for cybercrime, it’s imperative that companies do all they can to protect their customers’ personal information. By taking the following steps, companies can protect themselves as well as their customers.

    • Destroy data: The law actually requires companies to destroy sensitive information and documents when they’re done with them. An easy way to do that is with a secure paper shredder or a Continue Reading No Comments