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    Key Differences Between Recruiting and Staffing Services

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    Whether you looking for your first job or shifting to a new career, there is nothing is more frustrating than job hunting. You take time to draft nice application letters only for them to go unanswered. Perhaps you’ve even managed to go past shortlisting but all your interviews don’t seem promising and all you get is “we’ll get back to you”. Well, this can be frustrating and it can make you feel hopeless amid economic pressure and high unemployment rate. Do you need help finding work? If this sounds like you, then you could probably take advantage of job placement agencies that can help secure something to do and get back to financial stability.

    Working with a reputable job recruiting agency can help you get a job that fits your qualifications and experience matching with the job openings available. All this is often done for free since the employer has already catered for the cost of job placement so you don’t need to pay for anything, especially the application process. Conside

    Temp Agencies in Texas Have a Great Deal to Offer Employees and Companies Alike

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    Temporary work may be the best place to start if you haven’t placed your foot on the path to a direct career, and temp agencies in Texas are able to provide the search for those individuals to fill these roles in any company. Luckily, plenty of options are available in every city, so these staffing agencies of all sorts to help provide recruiting and staffing services for all of the companies that need temporary workers. Some of the recruiting agencies work specifically for temporary positions. Considering the $11 billion that is lost annually due to employee turnover, many companies are likely in need of temporary workers to help keep their staffing needs up to date.

    Benefits of a Temp Jobs

    Staffing companies and staffing agencies in Texas work to provide temporary employees for many companies that need to fill various positions. Benefits of temporary positions work for both the employers and employees alike, especially when there are roles left open for short periods o

    What Inventors Need to Know about Metal Work

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    Are you an inventor that has finally invented something that you believe will change the world? If that’s the case you have done a lot of work to get to this point. More than likely you have made extensive drawings and blueprint detailing how the item will work and you have probably even decided what the product will be made of. Once all of those steps are done it is time to talk to manufacturers. If your invention has metal components you are probably starting to hear terms such as induction hardening that are completing unfamiliar to you. If that is the case let us define some of those terms for you.

    Induction Hardening

    Induction hardening is the process by which the surface of an alloy or steel component is hardened. All parts to undergo this process are put in water that has been cooled by a copper coil. They are then heated higher than the temperature required for transformation. This is done by applying a different current to a copper induction heating coil.

    Manufacturers Team Up To Make Self-Driving Cars One of The Latest Uses of Revolutionary LIDAR Technology

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    For decades, it was impossible to quickly and simultaneously generate a comprehensive, detailed view of all city components, including roads, buildings, and walkways for the best possible urban planning. That is, it was impossible until now.

    Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) technology has been in use for a little over 10 years, mostly in private sectors and among researchers. Now, scientists are working on ways to apply the same remote sensing technology used to map urban areas to optimize self driving cars.

    Over half of U.S. interstates are at 70% capacity or more, and 25% simply have too many cars on the road. Introducing self-driving cars into the mix when conditions are packed and especially unpredictable can be a daunting prospect. That’s where LIDAR detection and LIDAR technology companies plan to come in.

    Improving and Revolutionizing The Self-Driving Car Model

    Google and Telsa’s self-driving cars caused a lot of media buzz when they were fir

    Understanding How Rotary Screw Compressors Can Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

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    For any industry that relies on manufacturing, nothing can shut down operations down faster than a compressor that’s not performing up to snuff. In order for that not to happen and for operations to continue as normal, there many things companies can do.

    One option is to use tools powered with air compressors. In fact, many industries rely on air compressors when it comes to handling materials and especially for spray painting. To that end, many companies use rotary screw air compressors for these jobs because they have many benefits including:

    • They are very convenient because they deliver a continuous stream of air, allowing companies to get jobs done faster. Rotary screw compressors are also very safe with very few accidents reported with their use.
    • Rotary screw compressors also function in all conditions, allowing companies to operate with extreme heat or in lower conditions. If that wasn’t enough, rotary screw compressors

    Difficult Times at Work Create Opportunities for Growth

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    In a time of great concern for the planet and the effects that we are having on it, many of us wonder about the kind of future that we are leaving our children and their next generations. And while there are certainly many reasons to be concerned about the future of the planet, the sources of water, and the threat to the animals that keep our eco system in check, there are also many signs of hope when it comes to the kind of future our children are already planning for themselves. From the development of products by neodyne industries to the advancement of heat transfer coils and advantage engineering chillers, there are times when it seems like the next generation is going their part.
    Hot water heaters and heat exchangers, as well as tank coil heaters and other kinds of shell and tube heat exchangers continue to dominate the focus of companies like neodyne industries and other energy providers. T

    Grow Your Business Space with Prefabricated Office

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    Are you looking to add expand your business by adding employees? Are you hoping to do so without moving to a new location? Many business owners find the solution to this problem by adding a prefabricated office to an underutilized space in their current location. A Prefabricated office is a smart way to add a private office space to your business in almost any spot in your building.

    Modular offices save you time and money and allow you to quickly make the necessary changes in your space. Modular offices are constructed in a factory and delivered to you as preconstructed components that are assembled to create a room. Also known as an inplant office, these rooms are constructed of sturdy materials that allow you to build and deconstruct the office as many times as necessary.

    There are many options available for your modular office. Whether you are looking for a

    Taking A Look At The Role Of Packaging In The United States

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    Packaging comes in many forms here in the United States, from valve sealed bags to resealable pouches to organic paper bags to printed vacuum pouches to clear pouch bags and beyond. All of this packaging is used in many different ways and is very important indeed on a number of different counts.

    For one thing, valve sealed bags and printed vacuum pouches go a long way towards keeping food fresh and shelf stable for a good deal of time. Even vegetable and fruit packaging can help to extend the longevity of the produce aisle, something that can, in turn, help to reduce food waste pretty dramatically. And all types of food packaging have the same or similar goals in this regard.

    In addition to this, food packaging, from valve sealed bags to spice packaging to protein powder bags, serves as a powerful advertising tool as well. After all, more than 65% (around 66%, to be just a

    The First Social Media Impeachment Creates a Platform for Many Discussions

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    When veteran journalist Tom Brokaw visited an MSNBC morning news show the Friday after the most most recent impeachment he summarized in a few words the difference in today’s world. No longer watching special bulletins that preempt regular programming, today’s news consumers now increasingly get their news from screens both large and small on their laptops and their cell phones. As the 24/7 news cycle has taken over so many channels, Brokaw explained, our nation now selects the round the clock news channel where they get their news. Increasingly from a platform with a specific agenda, today’s news is not the news that people received the last two times a U.S. President was impeached.
    Interestingly enough, as the media celebrities talk about the some of the reasons why they find today’s news consumers suspect, it may seem somewhat contradictory that many, if not most, or today’s most popular journalists are doing the same.

    No matter what side of the political spectrum you alig

    Smallpox Is Gone; What Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Are Next?

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    Smallpox, often referred to as the “scourge of the world,” killed 300 million people from 1901 to 2000. Those who fell ill with smallpox did not have great chances of survival. In fact, one in three people who got it, died from it. To say that it was a serious and devastating affliction is a huge understatement. Fortunately, in 2019, we are able to say it was a devastating affliction. It was deadly. That is because vaccines eliminated smallpox altogether. There are zero occurrences of the disease, and it remains the only disease rendered completely obsolete through vaccination as of 2016, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

    What Was Smallpox?

    Now that vaccines eliminated the once-deadly disease, it’s reasonable to have questions. Years and years ago, smallpox or the variola major virus, began with relatively benign symptoms, like chills, fevers, and fatigue. Shortly thereafter, rashes and puss-filled pustules formed in afflicted persons’