Taking A Look At The Role Of Packaging In The United States

Packaging comes in many forms here in the United States, from valve sealed bags to resealable pouches to organic paper bags to printed vacuum pouches to clear pouch bags and beyond. All of this packaging is used in many different ways and is very important indeed on a number of different counts.

For one thing, valve sealed bags and printed vacuum pouches go a long way towards keeping food fresh and shelf stable for a good deal of time. Even vegetable and fruit packaging can help to extend the longevity of the produce aisle, something that can, in turn, help to reduce food waste pretty dramatically. And all types of food packaging have the same or similar goals in this regard.

In addition to this, food packaging, from valve sealed bags to spice packaging to protein powder bags, serves as a powerful advertising tool as well. After all, more than 65% (around 66%, to be just a bit more specific) of all customers have noted that they have bought something based on eye catching packaging at least once in their lives, if not a number of times. With at least 20,000 products in the typical grocery store or supermarket, it is clear that each and every product must be looking for some way to stand out and attract the attention of the potential customer.

Fortunately, investing in packaging like valve sealed bags and the like to create high quality packaging can more than pay off, increasing overall consumer interest by as much as a full 30%. In addition to this, online shoppers notice packaging as well. If premium packaging is utilized, it’s likely that more than half of all online shoppers will become a return customer for a given brand or product, as they trust in the company to provide them with goods that are high in quality and will stand the test of time and use.

In addition to high quality packaging like valve sealed bags and food grade bags for food packaging and the like, the actual information contained on these valve sealed bags and beyond is essential for grabbing the attention of the customer as well. For instance, many customers will want to know the nutrition information of a product. In addition to this, ingredient lists are very important for many as well. Food sourcing and company message might also be information that certain consumers are invested in. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that up to 85% of all consumers read packaging to help them make final purchasing decisions – and that more than 60% of all customers look at each and every label that they come across before buying it.

Instruction lists and storage information is also critical for food products like valve sealed bags and, for isntance, pet food packaging. Pet food packaging must be stored properly to remain safe for human consumption. Typically, canned dog and cat food must be kept at temperatures between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Making sure to use the food in question before the expiration date will also be key, as it is better to be safe than to be sorry in such regards. And just as this is true for pet food, it holds true for the food that we, humans, consume as well. Ultimately, providing a wealth of information is essential for any company selling food of just about any kind.

Of course, the eye catching factor is most certainly a critical one. Not only can this, as discussed above, draw in more customers, but it can provide free advertising. This has been especially true thanks to the growth of technology and social media, something that the data supports quite strongly. In fact, nearly half (around 40%, to be just a little bit more precise) of all people have stated that they would be more than willing to share a picture of a product on at least one social media platform given the uniquness of the packaging and how interesting it was. Therefore, a product and brand as a whole will be able to reach a much larger audience than what would otherwise be possible.

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