Your Resume Looks Good, But Do You Have These 3 Important Skills?

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What do you suppose are the most important characteristics hiring managers look for in potential employees? One survey revealed that 85% of managers look at the attitude and perceived work ethic of candidates when making a final decision. While one’s technical skills are important to get a foot in the door so to speak, it is a person’s soft skills that are more likely to lead to continued success. For those of us who fear we might be lacking in this specific area, soft skills training courses can be a welcome tactic.

The Top 3 Soft Skills: Work Ethic, Dependability, and a Positive Attitude.

Soft skills are sometimes tricky to measure. Unlike other metrics that might measure the amount of product sold or profit margin increased, rating the positive attitude of any individual employee can be difficult to pin down. Even after pursuing soft skills training courses, it might take some adjustment to accurately review an employee’s performance with an eye towards these goals.

Work Ethic: Completing Those Tasks That Must Be Done, Without Micromanagement.

A well-oiled machine does not require constant supervision, or micromanagement. Likewise, an employee with a good work ethic focuses on seeing through those tasks assigned to them. A worker who demonstrates a great work ethic will have a sense of personal accomplishment when the work they finish is completed with an eye for quality, hopefully on schedule, and with a sense of team work.

Being Dependable: Can We Count On You?

Dependability may not be the flashiest skill an employee can boast of, however it is absolutely a necessary characteristic in regards to success. When people know they can count on you, they trust you. Trust is essential when establishing team building and a company culture. If people think they’re largely operating alone within the company, there is no real accountability. Employees never want to work with someone who might undermine their hard work.

Think Positive: A Good Attitude Affects Everyone.

Work can be challenging; this is a truth universally understood. A negative work environment is known to be toxic towards employee interactions and motivation, which can quickly have an effect on productivity. Employees with a positive attitude are more likely to take initiative, to inspire their co-workers, and to be easy to work with on a team. This soft skill is good to have, however some companies may need to consider widespread soft skills training courses to expedite the effects.

The benefits of employee training and development really come down to improving the working relationship between employees. Too often, a company focuses on strategic planning that focuses on improving the relationship between the company image and the customer. But a company isn’t much without the workers that carry on the innumerable tasks that keep the business running.
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