Why You Need In-Plant Offices

The FMI’S 2013 Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction survey unravelled that almost 40% of contractors considered their modular and prefab construction abilities as part of their firm’s strategic plan. According to this survey, modular construction is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Approximately 76% of architects, 84% of contractors and 90% of engineers use modular/prefab construction processes on some of their projects. This trend in the construction industry has been incorporated in many office buildings and warehouses. It is very easy to come up with inplant offices, especially for those expanding their businesses. These modular offices provide additional space and a conducive environment for the company to conduct their operations. Most companies and firms that have incorporated this kind of prefabricated offices enjoy benefits such as:


Inplant offices are built using prefabricated office walls, which means setting them up is relatively easy. With those walls, you can always come up with a design of an in-plant modular office that will serve your purpose. The modular office can be used for various functions, such as hosting meetings, lunch, and storage facilities. This flexibility ensures you no longer have to worry about renting additional space, and that saves on money and other related resources. You can build several in-plant offices in your warehouse to serve various purposes such as material handling, inventory storage, and logistical operations area. All you need is a reliable and efficient warehouse partitioning system.

Saves On Time

Modular constructions allow for speedier construction times while still providing value for money. For example, a Chinese modular construction firm built a 57-story building within 19 days. In that connection, constructing an in-plant office will definitely save time. All you need is to put together the prefabricated walls, and you will have your office. Whenever you need to redesign it, this task can be handled within a short time. There is no need to demolish the walls. The same prefabricated walls can be switched around to adopt a new office layout.


Acquiring an office for your business can be quite expensive. In fact, the rental fees and construction costs might drive up your cost of production. However, such an issue can be dealt with if you switch to modular construction. According to the UK-based Waste and Resources Action Program (QRAP), modular construction can minimize waste materials like wood pallets, cardboard, plasterboard, concrete, timber, bricks and cement by about 90%. Modular constructions reduce the consumption of energy during the building process by about 67% and minimize energy costs later on for the occupants. Lastly, a report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia estimates that switching to modular can reduce construction costs by 9% to 20%. With in plant offices, you are likely to incur less construction costs. The building process is easy, with minimal wastages and guaranteed reduced energy consumption. In that regard, modular construction is cost-effective.

Enhanced Aesthetic Value

Apart from serving as your office and creating sufficient space for running the company’s operations, the office should also be appealing and provide a conducive environment. These are fundamental features that most offices lack. They are dull and boring. Fortunately, for in-plant offices, getting a great aesthetic appeal will be your portion. Designers of prefabricated offices have a wide variety of ideas they are able to incorporate in any in-plant office to give it an amazing aesthetic appeal. The materials, colours, furniture and flooring will harmoniously blend with each other to create a conducive workplace. Do not haste to put your creativity to task whenever you want to construct an in-plant office. Embrace as many design ideas as possible and come up with an exquisite working area.


The benefits of inplant offices cannot be ignored. They provide unmatched flexibility, the ability to redesign your office to fit your new business. Constructing these modular offices takes a short while, allowing you to save on time and continue running your business operations as soon as possible. You no longer have to incur high construction fees when putting up your office. The inplant offices come already prefabricated, which will help you save on material wastages and guarantee you reduced energy consumption.

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