Why Using Tungsten Carbide in Drill Bits Makes Sense for Manufacturers and for You

Sell your tungsten carbide hard scrap

Tungsten carbide is a chemical formula compound that contains tungsten and carbon atoms in equal parts. In its most basic form, tungsten carbide is a fine, gray powder. However, this fine, gray powder can be pressed and formed into several extremely useful different shapes, making it a very valuable and important compound.

Among some of the various shapes, it can be molded into pieces used in industrial machinery, different types of cutting tools, several types of abrasives, armor-piercing rounds of ammunition, and jewelry. When investigated only slightly, it becomes apparent immediately how many uses there are for tungsten carbide, also known simply as carbide.

Tungsten carbide is roughly twice as stiff as steel and has double the density. It can be shaped, polished, and finished with different abrasives giving it the ability to become many different things. Perhaps most of all, its greatest attribute could very well be its ability to be recycled into new and extremely useful materials such as a tungsten carbide drill. Recyclable tungsten carbide is often used in making tungsten carbide bits that are extremely strong and durable. When you sell your carbide, it won’t be very long before you might find pieces of it on the hardware store shelves having come back as a tungsten carbide drill bit.

Drill bits are used for drilling holes through any number of surfaces. The right drill bit for the job is one that you should consider carefully before attempting to drill. Once the hole is made, a relatively simple job might get extremely complicated. Tungsten drill bits come in various degrees of hardness and size. You can find them in sets of several and when considering your particular job, you’ll choose the one you think can get the job done most efficiently and effectively.

What is great about the tungsten carbide drill is its dependability. It will last for a long time and can be counted on to do the job you require. Drilling a hole with smooth edges that bores through the toughest material is what you are counting on when you choose your drill bit. So, it becomes the material that makes up that drill bit that you call into question whenever you take your tool out of your toolbox.

Sintered tungsten carbide drill bits are very abrasive resistant. They can also withstand much higher temperatures than many standard high speed tools. Tungsten carbide tools also maintain a sharp cutting edge that is much better than other tools. As a result, they often produce a better finish on parts. Their ability to resist higher temperatures also allows for faster machining. Manufacturers will very often use tungsten carbide as the main material in their drill bits and other machinery materials.

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