Does Your Business Need Window Signs with Suction Cups?

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Shopping can be a fun pastime or a necessary evil, depending on the person and the type of shopping that needs to happen. But store owners can make things a bit easier for customers, or at least more enjoyable, with the right setup within the store. The atmosphere that is set in a shopping environment can influence the purchases that are made. And if the right signage is displayed, it can make all the difference.

Do you need window signs with suction cups?

There are a multitude of ways to advertise your business and the products or services that you sell. One of the best, time-tested go-tos is decent signage. This could range from glass door signs and front window signs with suction cups to poster display stands and LED scrolling marquees. Your options are endless. It is really up to you and your level of creativity to come up with the perfect unique retail display ideas and ideal signage to catch the eyes of your customers. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or try out a few different approaches. For example, while window signs with suction cups are not as flashy or modern as LED scrolling marquees, you could be appealing to the nostalgia and wistful remembrance of simpler times that many of your customers harbor.

The shifting habits of consumers

While buying habits can fluctuate with the economy depending on the market that you are in, you likely have a pretty good general idea of the demand that fuels the sales in your shop. But just because you are good at what you do and have plenty of experience under your belt does not mean that you do not have more to learn. In fact a strong businessman or businesswoman knows that there is always room for growth and continued education in their field. And as technology develops, more and more areas of our lives are affected by it. Shopping is no exception. Online shopping has seen a massive boom, and consumers also rely heavily on the Internet to find out more about a store, the location, or a particular product.

The good news for store owners is that while many customers will use their smartphones to look up more information about a product, around 77% of those customers will head to the physical brick and mortar shop location to make their purchase. This is where your signage comes in. About 82% of customers make up their minds about their purchases when they are actually at the store, as opposed to shopping around online and simply showing up for the buy.

Having your customers show up is half the battle. But once they do, make sure you have the perfect signage up and in place. One report showed that merchandise that was labeled at full price sold 18% better with prominent signage than it did without the signage. People are largely visual creatures, so put something up for them to look at, and chances are you just might sway them into making a good purchase.

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